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First delivery for Copaxone set.

Welp just off the phone with the pharmacy.
Organised first delivery to start Copaxone.

It’s real. Oh holy moly.

Left message with nurse about it so yup we’ll be starting injections soon.


I also have MRI and bloods on Thursday for futurems.

I’m bricking it let’s put it that way.
I’ve only recently stopped swearing at nurses for stabbing me with needles? Now I’m meant to do it to myself oh crud…

Sorry. Yup…just ahh.

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1 year ago

Hi @elliesmith,
I know how u feel. I started Avonex in July! Just want to reassure u, it really is ok! Obviously everyone reacts different however it is straight forward. I feel no pain and all over in 2 mins’ good luck, update when get chance!
Where are u based?

1 year ago

@geordie57 thanks for the comment. And I know it’ll be fine once I get used to it and start to feel more comfortable with it. But yeah first time.
Based in Perth. Scotland.

1 year ago

I’ve been doing daily copaxone injections since my diagnosis this summer. It can be so overwhelming at first, but it does get easier! I still have days when it’s hard to do, but i remind myself that the meds are working to help me stay where I’m at and not get worse. Might sound silly but try to do a little something rewarding for yourself after, like have your favourite snack or watch your favourite show. You can do this! We’re all rooting for you!

1 year ago

Thank @alexab I definitely will try the rewarding after. My biggest issue currently is I’m pretty much bedridden after just one day of stuff on Wednesday…
But I’ll learn.

1 year ago

I know how tough it is. Everything is still pretty recent for me too, and I know it’s different for everyone- but I can tell you in my case it got a lot better. When I first got diagnosed I was in bed for a good 5 weeks- I even spent my birthday too exhausted to do anything (I know…pity party central hahaha) but slowly I started to get more energy, day by day. Eventually I was feeling pretty great again! Still not as go-go-go as I used to be, but l started to really try and listen to my body, figuring out when I have the most energy, focus, napping helps, socializing is pretty tiring, etc. It’s definitely an adjustment, and a continuous learning experience. But remember to be good to yourself and celebrate how strong and amazing you are!

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