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Female contraceptive

Sorry guys….any ladies or possibly men out there have any advice?

Each time I have tried a pill (after having my 2 children and I don’t want anymore lol!) I have not got on well, headaches, stomach cramps etc. But when I have come off them I initially feel much better and then a few weeks later it has triggered an attack and now I am scared to try anything else! My two main attacks happened after 2/3 weeks on a pill.

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3 years ago

“Sorry, Guys”!, @hollylb10 ! lol 😆

Here’s a little bit of reading for you, which may explain what’s been going on:-

But, do discuss the matter with your MS Nurse. They will be able to discuss the options with you. 😉

3 years ago

Hi Hollylb10 have you been given any advise about having a coil fitted.. It doesn’t have to be a hormone coil so no extra chemicals screwing up your system..The GP will insert it and that is it for 5 years.. 😀 Good luck with trying to find something that suits you.

3 years ago

Hi thanks for all the info, I have spoken to my gp about a coil before. I like to plan ahead and I am getting married this year and having a honey moon and its the last thing I want to worry about, but unfortunatly my cycle will fall on those dates! (Sorry for all the info lol) so I want to stop it or have control over it!

3 years ago

Congratulations @hollylb10 about the up and coming wedding, Ohh I can remember the bloody(!!!) inconvenience of “Mother Nature” inviting herself along to special events that you would rather she didn’t come too…. 🙁 Not everything can be made better with a Tampon regardless of what the advert tells us… I think you will have to get some best advice from your MS nurse about what pill is less likely to cause you to relapse and that is suitable for you and then it is just a case of trial and error but best wishes to you 🙂

3 years ago

Hi @hollylb10 Ive had the Mirena coil for quite a while and I can say it has been wonderful and i haven’t had a period for months (it doesn’t stop them in everyone) which has helped with cramps and no migraines too.I initially went to my doctors because my periods were very heavy,cramps were a nightmare and I suffered with horrendous migraines too every month plus it seemed to start small relapses/worsen some MS symptoms I have.Therefore I would recommend a chat with your GP.

Hope this helps.

3 years ago

I had trouble with Mirena and had to have 2 removed because they thought I had an infection & couldn’t find the source. It wasn’t the coil but still it was a pain.

I used Depo Provera (progesterone shot, last 3 months) and loved it. But you need to be a non-smoker & take calcium (both for bone health).

I had total cessation of monthlies after shot #2 but some have issues with this part (doesn’t stop or is heavy, or is sporadic).

Here in the states we use it for those under 35 mostly. Even though I take a long term pill now (a monthly happens every 3 months), I still rank Depo as my all time favorite BC method.

I think it helped with the MS related issues that seemed to spike right around “my time” because you are overriding the normal of cycle of 3 hormones to just one progesterone dominate mode.

They do make progesterone only pills. You can ask about those but sometimes they are not atrong enough as primary birth control unless you area nursing mum, I think.

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