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Feeling worse


I slept last night at 6
Woke up at 12 pm
My holiday has begun so its not stress from work
Two weeks ago i added an eyeliner to my eye not liquid one
And make up and -soducreme i hope thats how its written- to my face
Thats the feaure things ive done
After that and during that i felt huge pain in the eye where ive dont corneal and contact implant
It scared me loads i even felt the implanted contact a bit
But now after two weeks i got a pimple in this eye on the on of eyeled not in
And another pimple next to my ears
I dont ever get any pimples they accured suddenly :/ feel i hate my face

And i feel period pain but its not period time
I feel it exactly like it on my tum and back
And so sleepy tired and fatigued way much more than usual since i oppened my eyes
Stairs worse too

Do you think i had gilenya twice in one day and forgot 😓

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4 months ago

@nutshell88 , it sounds like you may have an infection in that eye. The following article may help :-

Although, I may be tempted to consult your Doctor to see if antibiotics are required.

Worrying that you may have double dosed on Gilenya is probably just you looking for a reason why you feel a bit down. The following might reassure you on this front:-

So, see the Doctor to get your eye examined.

4 months ago

I’ll see the doctor who did the cornea and eye implant tonight
Do u think anti biotic eyedrop would be safe or wouldnt be.

4 months ago

@nutshell88 , I can’t see a problem with antibiotic eyedrops.

4 months ago

He said he’s gonna guve me ointment and test if its gonna recover of not
He said gilenya didnt cause it.

4 months ago

@nutshell88 , it could just be an allergic reaction to the eye make-up that you used……

4 months ago

Its probably that
I admit the eyeliner looked like fully new but it wasnt ._. Plus I use sudocrem on my face often recently and around the eye too
To avoid using foundation blah make up blah ._.

4 months ago

@ nutshell88,
Your lids leision could be Sty ( Hordolom). Hot compress and lid hygiene ( with lids wipes) with or without antibiotics is the best treatment. The most important is not using Contact Lenses till full improvement.

4 months ago

Ever since I’ve done my implant I’ve never used contacts
But I use it in tge other eye
Regarding to everything else you said everything is super clean I even got new pillow and a new pillow case
I forgot to use hit compress
When I was young I was using it for 15 minuts it was quiet helpful indeed
But since I’ve never had sty or pimple in eye for long i forgot.

Thanks for the advice

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