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Feeling sad

I wish I could say something really funny – light hearted and make you all laugh out loud. But I can’t because I just feeling sorry for myself and feeling alone and lonely. Probably sound a little mad.

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1 year ago

Hi @moonbeam , having MS can leave us all feeling sad. It can also isolate us.

But, MS is only as isolating as we allow it to be. We have to learn to laugh with others and to laugh at ourselves.

And you thought you sounded a little mad! :mrgreen:

1 year ago

Hello i feel the same myself moonbeam as ms does really suck and we dont feel like laughing but like stumbler says we still have to try and laugh at something Iv managed to keep my good humour and still know how to joke as it gets me through . Its fine to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes , no one else does .there all to busy walking normally and remembering what they ate the day before!

1 year ago

Don’t fret @moonbeam, I have my moments too, we all do but like the other two said, try to be positive and after a while you’ll find you will be. Today I got into the garden for the first time this year!!! It was scary as I so almost fell( there are steps ), but I didn’t so triumph no 1. No2 was the sun came out and it was warm sitting on the bench!!! No3…. I got back into the house without falling!!! These are the small achievements to count. Let yourself feel pissed off, then say ‘ I’m buggered if I’ll let MS win, sod it! ‘ and be positive. Think of all your lovely friends, family and support you can get from shiftms…..things could be worse. Xx

1 year ago

Once there was a bird called a Oh No bird. He was called the Oh No bird because he had 2″legs and 6″balls and when he came in for a landing he you shriek OH NO! Potter

1 year ago

hehehe two days ago i was hit by a car with 7km per hour i almost fell down. nevertheless i didnt bring charges to the driver. The car was also not registered. well, you all thing what is wrong with me. But i must tell you that it happened in a shopping mall and the driver was a child and the car was a toycar 😀 😀 😀 as i told my friends about my accident at first they didnt understand but then they did and we all laughed 😀 try to remember things that make you laugh and if there arent any, simply try to make them. 😀

1 year ago

I think it’s ok to feel a bit glum every now and then. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect to wake up like the Adios adverts everyday. I guess the trick is to try to outweigh the glum times with better days, we’re not robots. Know this, you are certainly not on your own, we ALL get glum! Except my wife, bless her, but she hasn’t got ms.

1 year ago

Hi I’ve been away so I couldn’t reply. I want to say a big thank you to you all – I feel a lot better mentally at the moment – I think I was just tipped over the edge last Sunday and I needed to just say to someone who doesn’t know me – that I was just feeling sad and fed up!
But all that has lifted and I can see the blue sky and hear the birds sing, the light nights and mornings lift my mood enormously. I have always just got on with things and don’t bother family (There is only my husband and three children in my family ) and friends seem to have their own problems. I love life and I will keep positive because life is too short to do otherwise . I don’t know if anyone who replied to my post will see this – not too sure how it works.
Happy days to everyone AJ

1 year ago

@moonbeam I was in the same head space a week ago also, but now feeling happy again. It comes and goes for us all! Glad your smiling today! ❤

1 year ago

@lozwo. Glad you’re feeling happy! Let’s make the best of happiness whilst it’s here 😏

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