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Feeling kinda strange….

So I can’t quite put my finger on it, I just feel weird. It’s not tiredness or fatigue, it’s not dizziness, its not pain but somewhere possibly in between all those things is wherever I am right now?? Just thought I’d put it put there & see if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, or distracting amusing annecdotes 🤔

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10 months ago

@lilbird , so would this be a feeling of being “spaced out” or “disconnected”? Like lacking clarity, focus and concentration.

Would the term “Brain Fog” be a suitable term for you? And, does this article help:- ?

10 months ago

@lilbird, not to raise an alarm and you know you best …. But last time I felt weird (distracted and equilibrium off) I landed up checking myself into emergency and a couple hours later I went into respiratory and then cardiac failure! Hope you are back to “normal” soon!

10 months ago

Hi there @stumbler 🙂 hope you’re feeling well,

Yes I think disconnected is certainly a word I’d use, but not really brain fog because my brain seems unusually fog free at the moment. Perhaps I’ve just got used to not being able to think clearly now & so a couple of good brain days have thrown me off 😉 hmmm…. is there such a thing as self fog? 🤔😄 I really don’t know how to explain myself. Maybe I’m just weird

@mhworden thankfully it hasn’t come to anything that drastic so far, & hopefully it won’t, I shall remain vigilant! I presume that you are feeling much better now? That all sounds terrifying, I’m glad you came through & are able to tell the tale, as it were. I’m not sure “normal” is a realistic goal, never been my strong point 😃

10 months ago

Made me smile lilibird..hehe.
Yeah been feeling like that for the last few months.
Like I have somehow been disconnected from the outside world and looking at it from inside a bubble.
Like living in an ‘unreal’ world. No it’s not brainfog, never had that, more like brain super-clarity…lol.
Maybe as MS messes with synapses in our heads, it wanders down pathways other mere mortals don’t get to experience.?
Perhaps there is an upside to MS after all?
Deep thought and generally feeling weird is what a lot of people pay good money for!

10 months ago

Glad I could help you raise a smile there @sigmadelta 😉 you’re right it’s not brain fog I’ve had plenty of that & this isnt it. I suppose none of us really know what’s going on in our brain & as medical science doesn’t even understand the full picture of how a healthy brain works guess we’re not going to figure it out any time soon.

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