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Feeling isolated

Hi, In my world of MS. The change in my life has been quite dramatic. Not working anymore, relationship has gone south, my mental attitude has decreased to the point of just shutting myself away in my bedroom.
Before be diagnosed I just got on with it. After being diagnosed, it just hit me like a ton of brick and induced a whole lot of symptoms.
I want my life back. But, I know I can’t.
Sorry for moaning on this site.
Rant over

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8 months ago

Hi @andyturner
You crack on mate…..if it blows of a bit of steam then happy days got to start somewhere!
So what else you up to?
Do the opposite of frowning tho it helps!

8 months ago

I do lapidary once or twice a week, depending on fatigue. (cut, shape and polish stones). A bit of photography. I try to keep get out..

8 months ago

Well I used to live in Fife
But got bored and invaded Kent and married a local and sowed with Scottish blood.
I don’t work now and a bit like your self took a bit of a nose dive.
But do try and not to stress out…it really don’t help one bit. Easier said than done I know but your on a new road now, you’ve just got to learn how to navigate it and above all else see the funny things. You’ll be surprised at what you notice for the good.
Wish you happy trails.

8 months ago

I lived in Kent for ten years and work in Gillingham and Maidstone.

8 months ago

Small world I live in Gillingham near the royal engineers base.

8 months ago

Hello @andyturner, great that you have a streak of creativity. Do you varnish and decorate stones, like those you see in markets and art shops? Sorry youโ€™re feeling low, maybe you need to spend more time investigating who the new you is! I have found that being diagnosed with a label is actually quite disabling in itself, with or without the symptoms that accompany it. I hope you pick up OK, drop in on Shift for a chat whenever you feel down….. ๐Ÿ™‚

8 months ago

Hi I don’t varnish. I do it the old fashioned way. I use different courses of grits then use cerium oxide powder for final polish or aluminum oxide. I belong to the Scottish Mineral and Lapidary society. Vanishing is cheating.
I like shift to vent.

8 months ago

@andyturner , I feel your frustration with events. Life is all about adapting to change as we age. However, MS comes along and makes us take a quantam leap down our life’s journey.

You’re right, this change is dramatic, which makes it difficult to integrate into our new life. Yes, our working life may be negatively affected. Only the strongest of relationships can accommodate the required changes, but, weaker relationships would potentially have failed anyway, at some latter stage.

Mental attitude is all about accommodating all the necessary changes. To re-establish your role in life, your role in the family and your purpose. This latter point is most important, we all need to have a purpose. Why else would we find a reason to get out of bed each day?

Having MS can be isolating, but only as isolating as we allow it to be.

We have to find ourselves and re-establish ourselves. It’s something that only we can do. Others can give us pointers and advice, but the impetus must come from us.

It takes time. We have to recover our sense of perspective and see where we fit into the grand scheme of things on this planet of ours. We’re not the best off, but we’re not the worst off either.

So, do what you can and enjoy what you can. Share that enjoyment with others and you’ll find your place.

Keep a smile on your face. It might not help, but it’ll keep everyone else guessing about what you’ve been up to! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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