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Feeling better after results 😊

Good morning you lovely people.
I’m so sorry I haven’t been on for a while been battling anxiety waiting on diagnosis.. now I haven’t been fully diagnosed but I’ve had my mri n it showed that I have optic neuritis white matters on the brain and some scarring? Is the scarring old white matters? I have a referral to a nero which I’m just waiting for!
I also have to have an mri with contrast can I ask you guys why is this? I forgot to ask gp! But on the a positive guess what I don’t give a flying toss that I have this it can get f****d as far as I’m concerned my anxiety dissappered as soon as I had my results I’m weirdly relived because now I know what it is I can move on n up!
I’ve taken comfort in your posts and comments ect I’m not guna just end up in a wheelchair or bloody die well maybe one day n we all go eventually but you know what I’m saying πŸ˜‚ im healthy happy just have a bit of a funky eye (slight colour loss) which is annoying I’ve three beautiful children n a fab partner life couldn’t be better.
So a massive πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–• to ms.

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1 year ago

I was relieved when I got my diagnosis, it could have been so much worse. Folks look at you oddly when you say that, but so what….

And a diagnosis then gives you access to medication, which for MS, means slowing the condition down, reducing the number and severity of relapses, which can only be positive…..

1 year ago

Yes exactly that it is weird to think kike that but it makes sense to me πŸ˜‚
Oh wow so it reduces severity I did not know this! N yet I’ve read so much well that’s good to know! There are so many worse diseases illness ect out there n we’ve got this one so what! Could get hit by a bus tomo who knows the futures unknown to all just like ms x

1 year ago

Hi @vincentnancy88,although it’s strange you are right, there are worse things for sure. To be able to count your blessings as you have, is a blessing in itself. On you have clarity, first off you can learn to minimise your anxieties. I have a policy with myself that if I have something on my mind, I allow myself to wallow for a set period a day then I shut it away. I have learned since diagnosis a year ago, how anxiety and stress has a huge impact on everything when you have MS . You have lots of support here. Let us know when you have seen the neuro and don’t forget to take a list of questions with you. One last thing, avoid Dr Google, as this almost always adds to anxiety levels! πŸ™‚

1 year ago

I know it’s sounds silly but what do I ask @vixen?
I don’t even know where to start!
It is still mind blowing that I have this I wake every day like bloody hell not in a terrible way just a bit saddened which i know is normal n I will move on from that as I have overcome the terrible anxious feeling of not knowing.
I just need to make this my new normal which I will in time.
Oh I did the old doctor Google thing it made things ten times worse I almost become addicted it’s just all worse case scenarios which did not help!

1 year ago

Scarring is a term they use, or lesions Don’t worry about it, basically as I understand it our brains are like a furred up kettle. If you ever get to see your MRI picture it will have a number of white blobs on it, that is the myelin degeneration. As a rule, the number and size designate the severity of the disease but not always. Apparently when they have done autopsies (for other reasons) they have found that the person had MS and didn’t even know it so they are not always an indication, but that along with myriad of symptoms that we can present with is enough to confuse anyone. Keep your chin up!

1 year ago

I also received my diagnosis like this. Bad case of optic Neuritis (Lost almost all vision) and now 8 months on, i only have colour loss. My second MRI with contrast confirmed the lesions from the ON (That were on the original MRI) and showed a further active one (That’s what the dye indicates). Once I got my official diagnosis, my anxiety reduced almost immediately and I was just relieved to finally have a diagnosis of MS and a reason for the fatigue and other symptoms that I was experiencing.

Hang on in there. You’re doing great.

1 year ago

When a pal of mine got diagnosed with MS, the neuro told her that she had the ‘least worst’ of the neurological conditions.

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