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Feel like I'm on my own x

Hi everyone my partner of 26 years really dos not understand me my MS all of a sudden. I’ve got so conscious of my Ms now I walk like I’m drunk my legs r so stiff and I don’t go out much now . I feel like I’m talked down to now and we always end up in a argument he hates me taking any kind of tablets and if I have clinic it’s such a hassle to get there now I’ve stopped. Wot do I do x

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4 years ago

Katrina I really feel for you. That sounds like a really difficult situation. I apologise but I am feeling really burnt myself right now so I can’t think of what would be good and proper to say that might help you. But I just wanted to reply to let you know your not alone and I’m sure one of my good friends will follow me to give you something more appropriate and substantial. Wont you friends?

I will say don’t stop going to see your doctor. That is very important, very. and 2. you decide for you about whether you take medication or not, no one else can decide for you, it’s your body and its a serious decision. Just hang in there.

4 years ago

@Katrina42 , I know how difficult it is. It’s like a third person has entered your relationship, destabilising everything.

Have a look through these MS Trust publications :-

If there’s one there that may be worthy of discussing with your partner, then order a paper copy.

4 years ago

You are beautiful.
It’s your life, it’s your brain, the tablets reduce the invisible attacks. Everything we consume effects our bodies, including air and water and any food. Sometimes our bodies need help from the best of the world to make bits work / be safe from. Oh how lucky those are who do not need any. It will not last, constipation will afflict them!
I walk / walked like I was drunk, it was worst at the height of my recent relapse at the time of my diagnosis. Since I have tried to walk as much as I can each day and have been seeing the phisio recently who has helped me so much with exercises to improve my balance. I have made great strides with my walking and balance (that’s what the phisio says. take great strides). I do think tho that if I tried to do all the exercises she want me to do in a day, it would take me 16 hours each evening!
Sits with you.

4 years ago

I wouldn’t advise not taking meds: it’s easy for people who don’t have stuff wrong with them to tell others what they shouldn’t take. I’ve had so many problems that had to be controlled with meds: who knows where I would be now if the meds didn’t give nature that helping hand. I’ve also found that MS nurses and physios are often a lot easier to talk to than the actual doctor.

4 years ago

Don’t stop going to clinic and don’t stop meds. He’s not the bugger with MS and him thinking “its not there”, doesn’t change things.
Having said that it is sometimes hard for the nearest and dearest to adapt to the “new you”.
follow this link to a HUGE range of leaflets that are free to download from the MS Society. They do one for the families of those with MS. Both him and you need to find out MORE not less.

4 years ago

Hi Katrina42 just want you to know you are not on your own on here.. 🙂 I’m single so I have a very strong opinion about someone who is supposed to care about you and love you for the last 26 years telling you that he “hates” you taking any tablets that may ease your distressing symptoms..Ggrrrr :-/ It’s your body and your condition you are having to cope with so if medication can possibly help then great.. Maybe your partner is just very uninformed about MS.. has he shown an interest in finding out about MS and how it can affect people who have it..? My (single persons) advice would be to get as many leaflets and booklets as you can about MS from the MS society or MS-UK and leave them scattered ALL over your home.. I would think at some point he may pick one up and make himself a bit more informed about what you are having to deal with.. Good luck and best wishes

4 years ago

Hi Katrina, I know how you feel. My husband isn’t in the slightest bit interested in my MS and doesn’t help in any way. Over time I have realised that for me I have to deal with it by myself. But do speak to your ms nurse about physio, it was the best thing my nurse did for me, I too walked like I was drunk, with the help of the physio I am now so much better, its made feel stronger in body and mind, not feeling so self conscious is good. Pilaties helps too, if you don’t want to go to a class, You tube a free class there are loads of them.

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