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5 years ago

I once said to the doc the worst aspect of ms is the fatigue ! I have since then learnt to cope with it better I plan my day with rest periods in it and I know that if I overdo it I will pay for it later ! But that is not always a bad thing ! Life is for living ! Watch what you eat plenty of energy rich foods and since three weeks I take 5000 iu of vit d3 wich already seems to make a difference to my general well being . Don’t forget this the worst time of the year for us msers all the festivities just over and the weather is not helping . Just try and set yourself little targets every day and stick to them ! And be gentle on yourself . Good luck best wishes ! Sorry I can’t give you a magic answer .

5 years ago

I agree with everything that @femke has said. Fatigue is one of those MS symptoms that we have to manage. There some meds available which might help, e.g. Amantadine, Modafinial and more recently, Fampyra/fampridine.

Here’s a useful site which looks at fatigue in MS:-

And, here’s a website that discusses the “spoon theory” of MS Fatigue, a useful analogy :-

5 years ago


I put fatigue as my worst symptom too. All my others get worse because of it. I am waiting to go on a Fatigue Management course run by our MS Team in Leeds, meanwhile I have just had to slow down and not timetable so much into my day as I used to. I’ve been retired from work nearly a year and off work for a year before that because of the MS (only diagnosed April 2011. The fatigue has been worse since my last relapse in Feb 2012. I have recently found that getting my vit D from the local tanning salon has helped, more so than just supplements. I have also decided to ask my GP about prescribing LDN, some reports put reduction in fatigue as an effect. I am also tired of being tired!

5 years ago

I know it’s frowned on but my MS friend had the CCSVI procedure last year and it immediately cured her fatigue. Hers was so bad that latterly she could only manage a few hours before she had to go and lie down. She’s not so sure if it’s been effective in other ways but the fatigue is definitely a thing of the past. She describes how she left the treatment room as feeling as though the thick haze of tiredness had suddenly lifted. Placebo effect? Pretty good one if it is because she had it done eleven months ago!

5 years ago

Hi Every one, although this might sound a bit counter productive I have found that exercise has helped me more than anything although I do I do have to be very carefull not to overheat or else the fatigue hits me like a brick wall! Cycling works for me though if that’s any help.
Happy Days,

5 years ago

Thought I’d better add this bit, since my work inviroment changed so that I now work in an air conditioned office which helped more to start with, the exercise helps the keep the fatigue from coming on so strongly when it does but I think that I’m lucky because heat is the main cause for me.

5 years ago

Fatigue is also my worst symptom. I second Vit D – not as a be all, end all solution, but definitely as a boost. I’m about to start Amantadine for fatigue. Does anyone have any experience of this drug?

5 years ago

@G67777ingus, this has been my only tool too. Just difficult if being hit by fatigue

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