rozilla 12/05/17
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Fatigue is really killing me, I think I’ve fell asleep more that 5 times today. And the sad thing is I don’t know why. I feel like sleep is taken over my lifeπŸ˜₯πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜Ÿ

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9 months ago

@rozilla , most of us here would state this as the worst, and most frustrating, symptom of MS.

There may be something to help you in this booklet:-

It’s also available in hard copy from the MS Trust,

9 months ago

Belivr me i know how you are feeling. With two kids wanting to do stuff all the time it sort of makes me feel like a failure as a dad just wanting to sleep all the time!!!!!

9 months ago

@rozilla fatigue is my biggest symptom, but personally I manage it. It may help to write a diary of what fatigues you – kids are a great one, my 5 year old is very active πŸ˜„ What time of day are you stronger? – the mornings are my favourite time so I get things done then and meet friends. What time do you go to bed? How much sleep do you get? Do you go to bed at the same time? Have a nice bath with lavender or chamomile oil in it to relax you before bed. At my worse and when I worked I used to go to bed for 2 hours every afternoon. I still have a lie down most afternoons and listen to a relaxation app (I like Andrew Johnson) or sunbath in the garden. Yoga is also great – simply putting my ‘legs up the wall’ for 10 mins often gives me a boost before the school run. Take care.

9 months ago

Hi Vicki Victoria, thank you guys for responding to my comment on Fatigue. And thank you once again for the helpful advice. @ Vicki I’ve noticed that I sleep during the afternoons, and I find it very hard nearly impossible to go sleep at night. In the morning my symptoms play up more. But I’m on the tecfidera treatment second week now. Still get pains in my legs and hands dizziness. I’m definitely going to try the chamomile tea.

9 months ago

My neuro put me on Adderall RX for my fatigue years ago and I must tell you it has helped me tremendously. It is time released and keeps me awake and alert for most of the day.
I wish you the best of luck.

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