spunky 12/02/18
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Eye Twitching

I had ON in my right eye 2.5 years ago and now my lower right eye twitches a lot now…some times for days in a row. Is this MS or something else?
I did a google search and it said stress, fatigue and too much caffeine. I don’t really think it’s any of those. I have fatigue but I sleep a lot too.

Any insights?

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1 week ago

Hi @spunky,my left eye was twitching for about a week, stopped yesterday!! Not sure if it is ms related as I know people who also have had in past! It is soooo annoying tho! Sleep for me or lack of seems to set it off?

1 week ago

@spunky , it seems that MS can present with eye-twitching, dependant on the location of your MS damage.

Consider it as your body “talking to you”, letting you know that you’re doing something it doesn’t like, e.g. getting over-tired.

1 week ago

Hi @spunky,

I’ve had this very recently and it lasted for nearly a month a half! I was going to seek advise from this forum but it slowly started abating (lessened frequency).

I was not really sure if it was MS related but looks like it is. And yes just as @stumbler says, I was weak from over exertion, poor quality sleep and a mild sickness when it all stared. Annoying as it is, I just carried on.

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