emmak 18/01/13
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eye sight?

I have problems with my eyes, to the extent that I can’t keep up with my profession of teaching languages. Anyone with a similar problem and or a solution

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5 years ago

My eyesight has got really bad, I find reading difficult, can’t recognise a friend when they’re only a few steps away.

5 years ago

My left eyes dysfunctional.

It got nerve damaged after the initial optical neuritis.

Got some of the sight back and they tried steroids but they only improved it slightly.

I’d love to have a solution but in this case my nerve is looking permanently damaged though perhaps yours isn’t connected with neuritis so maybe some solution available somewhere.

5 years ago

Jeeze emmek, sounds really rough for you. Wish I could say something helpful.

5 years ago

I managed to get a low vision ophthalmology appt – went to my gp to get referred. I now have 2 magnifying thingies so i can read books etc and some super-helpful binoculars 🙂 Plus the consultant finally accepts i have nystagmus and getting new glasses won’t help, haha.

5 years ago

I get episodes of diplopia and blurring, especially when tired and first thing in the morning, often lasting for hours.

5 years ago

Damn it, I had hoped I for once was the only one with this problem. Nystagmus is such a curse

5 years ago

Pottypete: snap.

5 years ago

My left eyelid closes or droops when tired, I get Nystagmus and some double vision leftover from my 2 relapses (only disgnosed in May 12). It is annoying but I just get on with it, it upsets me sometimes aspecially when tired as my left eye droops and I get most of the above slightly.

New eyes for us all I think is the best option. Luckily where I work is understanding and I have a piece of software called supernova that I use to change the creens to greyscale to help with the Nystagmus.

5 years ago

I wear magnifying lens to read and sunglasses during the day .That helps..All of Mac devices are also great to magnify things ..

5 years ago

As a person with Japanese language skills i am finding it very difficult in remembering things. Bl**dy MS.

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