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Experiences of neurologists


I’m fairly new to this so looking for some information on how others have received information?

I recently went for some scans and I’m not surprised that there is further activity. However I have received this information via a letter and that an ms nurse will be in touch as dmt is now advised.

This seems a bit impersonal. But is this normal and others experiences of they system just now?


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2 months ago

@lm12463 , unfortunately, Consultants are very busy, so access to your MS Nurse is the next best thing to see someone quickly.

The MS Nurse is a speciality nurse, who only deals with MS patient, so their knowledge and advice is normally well up to date.

It’s not meant to be impersonal. it’s just the way it works.

2 months ago

Thank you. That is what I expected someone to say and I suppose it’s better than we have your results… now you have to wait for an appointment to know what they are.

2 months ago

My MS Nurse is amazing.

I think better than my neurologist because she specialises in MS and the neurologist doesnt.

2 months ago

Sounds a bit strange to me. I don’t have an MS nurse, but I always have to call my neurologist for the results of a scan. And when there is new activity, or suspected new activity, she gives me an emergency appointment, the week after she got the resultst, so we can eventually start a cure the same day, or the next day. Really works for me!

2 months ago

@buitenmus , different countries, different capabilities…… 🙁

1 week ago

Hi @lm12463

I see from the map that you’re in Ayrshire – are you looked after by the team at Ayrshire Central in Irvine? My experience is that they’re really good. And contactable by phone/email.

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