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I’ve had MS for 13 years but never really experienced that many problems until the last year or so. Whenever I get anything wrong i always wonder if it’s MS or something else. At the moment I’m experiencing really bad exhaustion and palpitations. I had a CT scan a couple of months ago on my heart because of all the pains I’ve been getting which showed nothing. I should have been going away with my family for new year, I have 2 young boys, but due to me feeling so ill/exhausted we have cancelled and I feel like I’ve let everyone down. I have made an appointment with my GP for this afternoon (new years eve at Dr for heaven’s sake) which I think will be pointless. Sorry for moaning but I feel like to share with people that understand.

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4 months ago

Hello @lisajane672, sorry things seem suddenly to have jumped up. Must be a real shock after 13 years of relative calm. Everyone here will understand how you feel. My sister has MS too and last NY she had to cancel a big get together for the same reason. But ultimately, as with her, the priority has to be care of self and time for a good recovery. Please let us know how you go at the GP, all the best and HNY! X

4 months ago

I don’t think the GP visit will be pointless if they listen to you. Sometimes I just want someone to listen to me and discuss my worries with. I wish you well for the coming year and don’t beat yourself up for cancelling plans. The important thing is you spend quality time with your boys.

4 months ago

@lisajane672 , it comes as no surprise to me that you have bad exhaustion at this time of year. You’ve just managed to make Christmas happen for you and your family. There’s a lot of pressure on young Mums, to ensure that the presents are purchased and the dinner arrives on the table.

I hope your GP can offer you some reassurance. It’s a shame you’ve cancelled your trip away. You could do with a rest, allowing someone else to supply the food……… 😉

4 months ago


I had spine surgery a few years back; when recuperation was not on track, I was sent for an MRI & a spinal tap – MS was the diagnosis. So now when something acts up I get to decide whether it is MS or spinal problems that caused it. That does not solve anything; it keeps me amused…

The reason I posted that is to tell you – it does not matter if your challenges are caused by MS or whatever… You need to focus on living your life as well as possible; especially with two young boys in the picture.

See your GP; ensure he sends you to the proper specialists to find out what is going on. But do not count on a solution or a miracle. If one happens; that is a bonus…

Give your partner a hug & thank them; find something unique to spend time with the boys. Eat proper, get your sleep, take the proper medications, etc…

And do not waste your time analyzing the potential problem – let the medical field take care of that! Keep living your life while enjoying it as much as possible… 😉

4 months ago

I hope this sensation wouldnt last for you
I hope its due to the winter and once itpasses it would fade.
Sleep and eat well x

4 months ago

Thanks everyone. GP is sending me for yet another blood test and organising for a 24 hour ECG for the palpitations. I feel a bit more human today not so exhausted but, unfortunately, back at work tomorrow. Going off today to have some time with my family. Happy New Year to you all x

4 months ago

You’re on the right track to get answers, but – as @stumbler has suggested, it may all be down to having survived Christmas……

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