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Exercise and stretching


I just wanted to get peoples opinions of what exercise and stretching u do?
I do pilates once a week and walk the dog daily Oh and run after 2 kids! I know I’m not doing enough especially stretching! And my hip flexors are causing pain in thigh! Physio next week but good to get others advice too!! Thanks

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1 year ago

@geordie57 , Pilates is a recommended form of exercise as it concentrates on core strength and the major joints. Yoga is also good for stretching.

The physio should be able to identify any muscle groups which are under-performing and recommend specific basic exercises to address.

1 year ago

I do yoga at least once a week and it does make a difference to how achy I am and how flexible, it also helps hugely with sleep, after an evening class I can happily come home and go straight to bed for a very deep sleep!

1 year ago

exercise is all about what you want out of it, I exercise 3-4 times a week in a gym. but other people will just go for a walk. fitness is like buying a brand new computer it’s what you want out of it that matters not whats in it.

I exercise to boost my ego and look good and healthy and just push myself to new limits. others want to just be healthy other want to be professional athletes.

I would recommend exercise to everyone Pilates is so amazing for core strength and yoga can do wonders for both flexibility and your mind.

if your not into running try swimming or cycling bring yours kids on walks as well if they are capable of doing it.

but in general exercise is good there is no right or wrong answer just what you want out of it. if you have any fitness questions ill help out as best.

hope this helps Brando

1 year ago

Exercise, my happy place. Yoga and Pilates are known to be good for MS.

I do some weightlifting, some HiiT and some TRX for balance. In any case, whatever you choose to do, just make sure you actually do it adapted to your needs and capacities.

Exercise is good for MS, so get up and get moving as if your (healthy) life depends on it :p


1 year ago

Thanks for your replies! I have the neuro Physio on Tuesday, she does an ms clinic so I’m on that! I had pilates today and must get a yoga class sorted! Must stretch more!!! Physio has advised against running so gym tmr!
@hmcampos your right! I do need to just do it!!!!!

1 year ago

Hi @geordie57 I do BodyBalance because I like the mix of yoga, pilates and core once a week in addition I start my day with a 12 minute stretch using SWORKIT app – either the full body stretch, head to toe stretch or a set of stretches I put together – I also recently saw a physio to help with my hip pain and run training – I try and do them on days I’m not exercising

1 year ago

Thanks @stephz, I will try Sworkit! Thanks for the tip.

1 year ago


I tend to take my two munchkins on a bike ride and lots of walks and swimming. Oh and Judo too, that helps with keeping the brain ticking and is good therapy aswell.


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