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EU citizens?

Anybody here an EU citizen (so called ‘other’) in the UK and on Lem? Had my first dose, second not due till next year but planning to return after many years to my country of origin…the future looks uncertain for us lot.

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1 year ago

@bienenstich yep, I’ve been here a long time but have started considering how to make our life easier and that might include moving back closer to family in Europe, and in a more accessible flat. Due 2nd round of lem end 2017, so nothing is likely to happen for 4 or 5 years. It will depends on my mobility I suppose, and my partner’s work, and whether monitoring can be transferred to another country. I’ll be gutted to have to leave my job tho. But I’ve started to think about what our options are…

1 year ago

May I ask where in the EU? I want to go back to Germany as soon as. But, I need to get insurance there (it works different to here) and its all a bit muddly. Dealing with two places at the same time. I’m hoping to be monitored there eventually. As long as we don’t know where we stand things are difficult. And if talks go badly (and lets face it, they will) god help us…

1 year ago

@bienenstich France for me, different health system from here too, where people get an insurance to pay for the remaining cost not covered by the national health care (who pay around 70%). However, i’ve read that the costs of chronic conditions (including MS) are covered 100% in France.

I am still in denial about Brexit and assume (certainly wrongly) that we will all be fine, and if not, that i (French) will just easily go back taking along my partner (half German) and our daughter (British). But surely after 17 years working in London… and it wouldn’t happened tomorrow…

Where about in Germany? do you have family there? MS centre close by?

I haven’t really thought things through, i’d be interested to hear your concerns.

1 year ago

I’m really sad to read you are both @bienenstich &@noelie planning on leaving…..isn’t it better to wait and see what the arrangements are before deciding. Personally I can’t see any thing other than a reciprocal agreement being made…there is too much to lose all round and much to be gained. Xx

1 year ago

Hi fellow EU MSers – I’m so glad you started this thread @bienenstich. Didn’t do it myself as a political rant from me is never far away these days. Not on Lemtrada though, my (rather toothless) weapon is Copaxone.

I’m German, too and had a look at returning to Germany. This would ground my career though and mine is the main income in our family. But there would be better health care, benefits, family support and old friends.

@bienenstich I had a look at health insurance in Germany and understand that it’s compulsory to have it. This also means that the state-governed insurance companies (staatliche Krankenkassen) are legally obliged to insure people returning to Germany after living abroad, especially people who were insured by the state-goverened insurers before.

I’m not sure what the situation with private insurance would be though, the premium may get very high.

I have a friend who has been living all over the world and the legal obligation to have health insurance led to Hartz IV being forced on her, as this comes automatically with state health insurance in tow.

Other than that as soon as you have a job that at least pays 400 Euro/month you will fall into the ‘normal’ health insurance bracket with the usual employer/employee contributions as with any other job.

I’ve also found a number of organisations that help Germans living abroad to return to Germany:

@thoughtfultraveller x

1 year ago

@merfield thanks for your comment 🙂 me thinking about leaving is based on family and health situation rather than a political one. I agree with you that they will do everything to reach a reciprocal agreement.

However, a lucky star inspired me to invest in a wheelchair accessible flat for my retirement a few years ago, before any signs of MS showed their ugly heads. Being on the 3rd floor without lift and having a 2.5 year old and mobility issues, being isolated with no help, the next move seems a no brainer. Our daughter would love to be closer to her grand parents, they would love it too. They are drawbacks of course, as it would mean leaving ours jobs and that’s a big financial uncertainty ahead. I am not thinking of moving tomorrow, maybe in a few years time if i’m not being forced to before, either by health or political reasons. And my partner still needs some convincing 🙂

1 year ago

Hi all
@ merfield thank you for the comment. I don’t want to wait and see what happens. The damage has been done emotionally to EU citizens and that can’t be undone. There’s a lot of very worried people out here.

Our rights could have already been assured but they have not. And as @thoughtfultraveller already pointed out: the health care and standard of living in Germany are better. I have been here thirty years and I think it’s time. Something we’d already thought about before the referendum, but that has given us the last push. Not to worry anyone unnecessarily but some people are already being told to leave.

@thoughtfultraveller thank you for your input. I have got a book from the raphaelswerk but hadn’t heard of the other place. My British partner wants to come with me and become German. There’s quite a bit of info on FB from German returners. On healthcare especially. I will get in though with to discuss some options re non private health insurance (was insured under my mum with the Barmer before I came here). It is expensive that is true. There’s a lot of help for people living with MS at home. You can choose a neuro and they have MS nurses too. ive gone from anxiety to fear to a certain amount of excitement to return.

@bienenstich Interesting to see Barts comments today. They note they are involved but arent a fan of how it was reported:

1 year ago

Hi @bienenstich, this is a great threat to have come across; I’m Irish, and while we have some reciprocal agreements with the UK, it seems everything is up for grabs (including the introduction of a border, again, in Ireland). While my husband is British, it is the first time that he has genuinely thought we might be better off (yes health-wise too!) elsewhere. As someone pointed out, we could have been reassured before now that our healthcare would remain in place etc. In any case, take care, thanks again, xx

1 year ago

Hi. I saw this thread the other day and thought it doesn’t quit affect me BUT the following day I saw a job advert in Germany that I really like and maybe now would be a good time to move back. The job is also near my sister who has an auto immune desease that’s a bit mor complicated than MS. Anyway so I asked her some questions about the job etc since she works for the job centre and I thought I share some of the info here.
If you have MS this gives you a degree of disability of 50 – which means severely disabled in Germany independent of how the MS affects you – higher if it affects your ability to work. This means that you ah e to be invited to a job interview and if you have the same qualifications need to get preference for the job. My sister is current,y finding out if you can get your degree of disability if you’re German but currently not living there to help with applications. Until that’s sorted she suggested to attached the guartenteed interview scheme form used in the U.K.
On the topic of health insurance – they have to take you especially the government backed ones (my sister spoke highly of Barmer) and you can apply to be exempt from your prescription cost – for this you need to collect your prescription receipts for a certain period and then apply for the exemption.
I hope some of this information is useful if there’s anything specific I can ask my sister on your behalf via email.

1 year ago

Hi Stephz
Wow, I just saw your answer. I’m so sorry, been really down about things for a while….
Just back in Germany now though and the guaranteed interview thing is very interesting. Being that I don’t have a job yet. And I’d qualify for disability. Severe disability sounds, err severe. But, hohum, lets go with it. And exemption from prescriptions is good also. I don’t take much but every little helps.
So, what happened on the job front then? Did you take it? And if so, where are you based and what job is it? Private message?
Erika x

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