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Epilepsy & Multiple Sclerosis

Hi is there anybody out there that has epilepsy and also has MS? I’m just finding it difficult to figure out whether some of the things that I am experiencing has to do with the epilepsy or the MS. It’s very frustrating because you feel as if you’re crazy. Please reply if you do?!

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6 years ago

I got my epilepsy ‘badge’ at the end of last year, who’d have though ms can cause siezures too? Makes sense I suppose, only had two so far, when did you get ‘upgraded’ with your MS?

6 years ago

Mine’s the other way around I had epilepsy since I was a kid but the MS thing came later- SHOCK HORROR!!! So I did know you could get seizures but sometimes my neuro will say ‘it’s the epilepsy not the MS that’s causing that’ and I think ‘HUH!’ How are we supposed to sniff out what we have if they both have similar effects

6 years ago

I think that kind of stuff, unfortunatly, just takes time and experience. If ever you’ve got a question though, you can always post it on here or message me 🙂

6 years ago

6 years ago

YES, i have had epilepsy since my teens and MS since mid 90’s.
Bit of a funny time with diagnosis as at 1st they thought it was side effects of the epilepsy drugs….
Marvellous, 2 conditions that are uncurable…bit shitty ain’t it.
I find that the epilepsy if a bigger prob in OTHER ppl’s eyes.
Travel insurance? 2 questions for MS, 20 for the epilepsy.
Cannot hire a scooter for the MS because of the epilepsy. same with motorised wheelie. So manual, but then you must plead/pay someone to PUSH it!
Whereas, personaly, the MS is more of a problem day-to-day and in practical terms. Can’t drive, employers won’t touch u with bargepole…
Keep taking the tablets and contact if yr feeling down

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