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does anyone else have a problem with energy levels? i cant seem to do much of anything, i have no interest in doing anything, and i move as little as possible. even though i keep telling myself i wanna start running and get my life going again, i cant seem to get off the couch. any suggestions?

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4 months ago

@caleb , welcome to the wonderful symptom of fatigue. You would do stuff, but your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone!

It’s something that needs to be managed, so that you have the energy available for when you need it. Have a read through this booklet for some helpful tips :-

4 months ago


I think that the best thing is to not try and go from 0-100. Instead, try and make small, incremental steps which over time you can build on.

I’ve really discovered this can be applied to anything I try to do. I always use to rush and make a quick changes, that I couldn’t maintain, and quickly lost motivation and felt like I failed.

So, rather than trying to run. Perhaps go for a walk, and build up the amount of time or distance you cover, over time.
It’s incredible how once we have momentum things can get much easier and maintainable.

Once you’ve got back to getting about, yoj May find yourself running, sooner than you thought.

This is all from personal experience, and from someone who was not the most patient of people. So just give it time 🙂

Take care.

4 months ago

Hello @caleb, you have a recent diagnosis that you’re grappling with, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Slowly slowly, one step at a time is the way to do it. I was diagnosed last year and would say it took a year to get through all of that. It has also taken a year to build my daily walking up, from nothing really, to a current 25 minutes at one time. It’s been tough, but I only managed by doing it in tiny increments, changing diet, sorting my emotional space out. If I have another relapse, I guess I’ll have to start again, but am prepared for anything! Good luck x

4 months ago

Hi Celeb and welcome, I’m an old codger and have had the beast for 24 yrs and even though everyone is different I find I’m better in the morning than afternoons, takes about an hour to get going in the am, but I have two large dogs, so let them out for a wee, make a cup of tea, sit and watch the news and then I’m good to go for about 3 hrs, by lunchtime I’m starting to flag, have a kip after lunch, then I’m alright to (slowly) fold washing, do dinner etc., flake out on sofa with dogs by about 8 and fall asleep watching the box. Do have days when I can’t do anything, and learnt a long time ago, that a good day soon becomes a bad day if you try and do too much. Pacing your self seems to be the answer, and learning what your body can and can’t do and not pushing the limit😍

4 months ago

Grandma is so right but take things slowly and don’t underestimate what you do achieve

4 months ago

thanks for the input guys. ❤

4 months ago

I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with fatigue! have you ever heard of the spoon theory?

The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino

it’s really a good way of explaining to non-chronic illness peeps what it’s like living with something like MS, but I think it will be a good way to also explain to you how to manage your fatigue symptoms

ie planning your life in a way where, if you know you’re gonna do something BIG and ENERGETIC, carve out some time for yourself for the next day or so. no big back to back plans

hope this helps xo

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