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Endometriosis anyone???

So i’m having some exploratory surgery at the end of January.

They’re looking for endometriosis, cysts or some other kind of gynalogical issue. I was feeling good about it, looking forward to getting some answers ect. i’d read the stuff they had given me to read and i wasn’t worried…….until today.

I had my pre op appointment and the nurse was very negative about my recovery time and how much pain i would experience when i told her i had MS (she hadn’t bothered to read my file so we didnt get off to a good start).
I get neuropathic pain a lot and she seemed to think this meant i would experience more pain post op than a “normal” patient. She also said i had a higher risk of developing an infection as i was immuno comprimised and that my recovery may take longer.

Now i take what she said with a pinch of salt as my surgeon never mentioned any of this during our initial consultation.
However now im a little nervous so i was wondering if any of the ladies have had endometriosis treated with surgery and can let let me know how they found it???

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5 years ago

Hey Hugmachine!
Sounds like that nurse got off on a bit of an uneducated rant, and was not very considerate of the effect it might have in you! Poor form!
From surgery perspective, I don’t have endometriosis, but had surgery in Aug on my stomach (re-repair if a childhood hernia). In hindsight I was in the middle of my second “episode” – since diagnosed with MS but my recovery went exactly as planned. No issues.
Regarding infection, perhaps that depends on what your taking? But your dr would be aware if that, and treat accordingly I am sure. They invented antibiotics in the 1950s. Perhaps that nurse hadn’t heard of them? 🙂
And re neuropathic pain. Is a complex area. VERY complex. But I look after patients with NEURO pain at work (palliative care) and just cos they get NEURO pain in one limb, does not mean they will get it somewhere else. Again, your dr would be used to looking after post op patients, sure he has some ideas, IF it crops up.
Good luck hon, will be thinking of you! Hope you do get your answers
🙂 Jas

5 years ago

Thank you so much Jas! you’ve put my mind at ease.
The clever part of my brain thought the nurse was an idiot but the stupid bit of my brain (the bit with lesions!) was getting worried.

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