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1 year ago

Hi @gingeral , that’s a good read.

Well, not that you’re going through all this, it was just easy to read.

So, you’ve been diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS), or “Singular Sclerosis”, as I call it. Basically it means that you’ve had a single demyelinating episode, which may, or may not, progress to Multiple Sclerosis.

Some Neurologists are treating CIS with MS treatments, Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs), to try and prevent the transition to MS. It may be worth asking a question about this. This is the guidance available to Neurologists, .

Otherwise stressful events may cause disease progression, so stress is best avoided. But, try and lead a normal, balanced life. A healthy,balanced diet, with moderate exercise, without overdoing things.

And, stay well. 😉

1 year ago

Hi @gingeral, A really good read….Keep it real, & all best. Red

1 year ago

Hi @stumbler thank you very much for your comment! Just don’t really know what to think at the moment whether it’s just going to stay as CIS or become MS. I’m seeing the consultant for my LP results on Tuesday so will hopefully get some more info then!

1 year ago

Thank you @red-suzuki!

1 year ago

Hi @gingeral that’s nicely written & makes a good read ☺ You sound like you had the same “read everything you can find about it” approach that I had while waiting to be diagnosed. Seems most people don’t because they’re not sure they want to know but I found the more information I had the better prepared I felt. Sounds like you’ve been formally diagnosed now hope you’re adjusting ok. Have you gone into treatment research mode yet?

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