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DVLA and Car Insurance

Just got my form at week end from DVLA to fill in. Not informed insurance yet. Has anyone had their insurance cancelled or increaseed due to informing them of MS when they are still ok to drive.


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4 years ago

@lina , the Equalities Act 2010 prevents Car Insurance companies from treating you any differently to anyone else. Therefore, they should not increase your premium because of the MS. And, probably, all they will want to know is that you have advised the DVLA.


4 years ago

my insurance just asked if i had any restrictions on my licence due to my MS, which i dont. unfortunately DVLA make me renew my licence every 3yrs which is a pain in the butt but c’est la vie

4 years ago

Hi Lina. MS hasn’t made any difference to my insurance. Just have to renew every three years.

4 years ago

I’m sure when it comes to adding to your existing policy they can’t change it but bump it up when you make a new policy – it shouldn’t be affected by my epilepsy (same philosophy applies) but with a new policy I bet it went up (only named driver though)

4 years ago


I got my formal R/R diagnosis on Friday so called the DVLA (waiting for the form) and my insurance co who said thanks for letting them know, but so long as I am not under any medical advice not to drive they didn’t really need to know!

We’ll see when my renewal coe=mes through next month though…!

4 years ago

@ellielou , the car insurance company just need to record the details and ensure that you have advised the DVLA.

They’re not allowed to increase your premium because of the MS as this contravenes the Equality Act 2010. So, they’d be breaking the law!

The DVLA process takes some time as they need to write to your Doctor and your Neuro. The usual outcome is that they will put you an a three year licence so that they can monitor you.

It’s OK to continue to drive in the meantime, as long as it is safe for you to do so……

4 years ago

Hi Lina , I have only just received a letter from the DVLA giving me a form about what adaptations I need on my car as the doctor(? or Neuro) have informed them of my condition (basically I informed them the day after my DX so end of April this year). I only had to sign the forms as I believe when the time comes I will move on to an automatic car of my choosing to help with driving if my condition worsens. Also it said to include both parts of my driving licence (no more info to help make that clearer..!!) but I could only find my card licence so I sent that.. I also haven’t informed my insurance but will as soon as my licence arrives back so that I can give them my revised date of expiry on the licence. Let us know what your insurance have to say.. I’m with Swinton so really hope they don’t up their premium as it was the cheapest I could find :-/

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