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I’m having problems with the DVLA not renewing my driving licence. I’ve filled in the same form about four times and they’ve lost my correspondence.

I’ve complained to them twice now. The first time I complained was about nine weeks ago, when they promised they’d prioritise my case. Since then, they have sent me yet another form which I sent off straight away. That was three weeks ago, and I’ve heard nothing since. The whole process has lasted four months so far and I’m detailing it as it happens on

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems to me, because I’m considering taking legal advice or complaining at a higher level than I have done so far. I’d like to build up a body of evidence for if and when I need it.

Cheers! Hope you’re all well.

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6 years ago

I sent my form off about 3 months ago. 2 weeks ago I had a letter asking for me to send my licence back which I did……. watch this space.
Good luck 🙂

6 years ago

I sent my licence off to have my HGV entitlement removed as I didn’t want to renew it. After countless emails asking where my licence was, they still insist on telling me they didn’t receive it and want £20 for a replacement. The one I sent to them was also a replacement..!! They are just a bunch of morons that are completely brain dead as far as I’m concerned..!!

6 years ago

I know they have a terrible reputation – they managed to lose my sister’s driving licence and one jobsworth warned her she wouldn’t be able to drive until it came to light – she complained to the police and was told it was perfectly legal. The thing is: the stress caused by this sort of treatment is HARMFUL to us. I think you’ve just got to put it out of your mind and remind yourself it’s their problem, not yours.

6 years ago

I sent my medical form in April and it’s still (in their words) “in a pile waiting to be reviewed” it’s an absolute joke!!! I’ll be ringing them again next week.

6 years ago

I only send my form yesterday! feel lost without it my hoping it wouldn’t take too much longer

6 years ago

I sent mine in when the renewal came through the door back in April/may. Knowing it was due to run out in july sometime i was getting worried when i got a letter saying they were waiting for the consultants letter back. Can’t fault anyone there really as I’d never rush a consultant where theres more in life to worry about. The DVLA (month later) informed they run about 2 months back on applications and mine would be due soon, but the main thing they said is that if the renewal date passes, so long as you have an application outstanding, and your gp says your ok to drive, you are legally covered. My work were pleased to hear that!! All back and fine now, didn’t even have to pay for new photo!!

6 years ago

I had a panic last year as I forgot to send my renewal off for ages (as I don’t own a car) and my licence actually ran out! I then needed to hire a car and was convinced it wouldn’t be back in time so didn’t think I’d be able to drive at all. I called DVLA and spoke to a really helpful lady who said that it was fine, I could drive and that they could issue a cover note if need be. Essentially I went to the car hire place, they called DVLA on the spot who confirmed that I was eligible to drive and it was all sorted. The paper work side is ridiculous, they take forever, but as gibfish said, as long as you’re in the system and there are no other reasons why you shouldn’t be driving then you’re ok- as much as it feels like it, they’re generally not trying to stop us from driving!

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