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Drop foot?

Morning everyone, I’m hoping to pick your brains! I’ve contacted my MS nurse and awaiting a call back in the next few days
Has anyone experienced drop foot? I’ve started running last year and when I tried to run after Christmas after a couple minutes I started to scuff my left foot and my whole leg started to feel a bit heavy and stiff. I also think I pulled something in my back after I tried to carry on and push through it
It’s been a couple weeks now and I’m finding it hard to work out if I’ve got a muscle injury or if this a new symptom of MS (such as drop foot) as it only happens when I try to run for a few minutes and I’m fine when walking. I’m sorry for the long post, just wondering if anyone has experienced this before or has any ideas? I’m not even sure who I can go to about this.

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10 months ago

@kimberley11 , it could be a touch of foot drop. This may be being caused/exaggerated by your core body temperature increasing. This is known as Uhthoff’s Phenomenon (

We do and try and compensate for these issues, which puts unnatural strain on other joints and muscles.

When you get hold of your MS Nurse, ask them if they can arrange a Neuro-physio assessment, to understand what’s going on and prescribe some exercises to correct.

10 months ago

Yes, you’re not going to be able to sort this out without seeing one or more professionals. It could be, as @stumbler says, a combination of factors. The important thing is to get it seen to fast, because anything musculo-skeletal needs to be dealt with before it morphs into a permanent problem. x

10 months ago


Indeed it could be but, from my own experience (..and that is all I have) my foot drop happens after some kms walking or running, regardless.

In your case it seems to happen only when running. Your MS Nurse will be able to tell you more and guide you to the right doctor.


10 months ago

Happens to me as well. Its more of losing strength in my ankles thereby leading to foot drop and gait issues if I continue running. Happens within 1/2 a mile of run. I then walk fine for about 40 minutes. Trying to solve this puzzle to be able to run longer that I always did pre. MS days.

I was contemplating if FES would help in these circumstances.

I’m perfectly fine working out with weights and other exercises.

10 months ago

I had what I think was foot drop prior to the relapse that ended up with me getting diagnosed. Couldn’t lift my right foot properly when running and my leg was heavy too. Even walking the foot would drag and I fell over a few times. In my case, it was just the beginning of a whole load of things that ended up with not being able to get around at all or do pretty much anything. In rehab, it took a lot of exercises from the neuro physio over a long time to get the foot and leg closer to what they were before but they were definitely a big help. The more I do them the better the foot and leg are and for longer stretches of time. So definitely good to go to a neuro physio – think GPs can refer you where I am if not your MS nurse.

10 months ago

Same experience @arknat, weightlifting, Hiit training, TRX, I manage to control my foot drop in a way that it allows me to perform OK.

When it comes to waking and running, totally different story though.

Every case is a case I guess.

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