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Do we lose ourselves to this affliction?

As ms takes up most of our life/lives, do you find yourself becoming a lesser person?

At times , it seems that ms/health is the only thing that pervades our very being. I’m lost for fresh conversation with non sufferers at times. I feel like I’m becoming ‘That sick guy, who talks about his illness all the time’. I don’t though, it just feels like it.
It (ms) is involved so intrinsically with my life, affecting everything I do, or try to do. I feel like it has taken over the real ‘me’.
It’s got to the stage where I find it difficult to answer people about it, especially when they ask how I am. Even with those that have a genuine interest. I want to be regarded as ‘Pete’, not ‘Pete, that has MS’, or ‘Poor Pete’.
I suppose not being free to roam about doing anything you have a whim for, is a bit like being shackled and people notice the shackles, as you clink clank about.
This may be a bit of a ramble, but I have to make sense of my thought pattern at the moment, as it’s quite negative.

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5 years ago

MS can give us restrictions, which in turn can lead to isolation.
To fully take part in a conversation, you need to be able to take part in life. And there can lie a problem.
If we can’t get out and fully participate in life, then conversation subjects start to become restricted. OK, we can keep in touch with current affairs, but watching other people, do things that you cannot, can become depressing.
In the eyes of others, we can become our medical condition. it’s something of mutual interest, like the weather, until another subject can be brought into the conversation.
Anyway, I thought you didn’t want to talk about MS……… 😆

5 years ago

It was just a ramble Stumbler. 🙂

5 years ago

@pottypete, I know it was a ramble. I just didn’t want you to think that nobody was listening! 😳

5 years ago

Ahem, you are not “poor Pete”
you are Potty Pete!!

I always say to my husband, “are you sick of hearing about this yet? I’m sick of talking about it!!”
Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I try not to dominate the conversation unless I feel the other person is genuinely interested. Which most of the time they are not!
Unless you come here…and people are all ears!!

5 years ago

I think it depends who you talk to. Perhaps it’s just my particular situation but there seem to be a lot of nosey parkers and busybodies out there. Talking about MS feeds their curiosity. Friends are the people who see beyond the MS and treat you as they always did. I have a smaller circle of friends than before dx but they’re terrific.

5 years ago

always be potty pete in my eyes xx

5 years ago

I always think, thats pottypete, with the AWFUL jokes! OK having defines us, in a way. Means we do (or not) certain things. Means we change, or adapt our plans or what we do….but WE are more than our illness!
Your personality is irrepressable. Like your jokes ;0

5 years ago

@reddivine lol at that. I cannot put my own jokes on here, they’d ban me, hahaha.

5 years ago

I was gonna write a post today on the same basis! (I probably will at some point coz I feel like I need a bloody good rant!!!)

The sympathy look I got from a friend yesterday when I was eating some celery was a bit toooooo much – there I was trying desperately to enjoy my new most boring diet ever and all i hear about is all the good things I’m missing from her…… I know people mean well with their reasons for the looks and the remembering you can’t do the stuff they would invite you to etc but it is really getting to me…. Thank god for the positive understanding you can find here hey!

I think it’s probably best if I make my own post and so so sorry for the negativity – I’m also stuck on the negative thought pattern at the mo!

And keep the jokes coming!!! Oh boy if it weren’t for something to laugh at I dread to think where I’d be….

Sending positives vibes your way and remember you’re not alone!

Best wishes xxx

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