5 years ago
Do any of you smoke or use to?

As I’m going through the throws of getting diagnosed I have been smoking still. I feel awful about it because I know it is especially bad for ms. I really want to try & stop or @ least cut down but finding it so difficult as so stressed with all that’s going on. Just like to know if any of you still smoke or have given up?

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I’ve done both, lol. Still smoking at present and I don’t find it makes any difference to my MS.

Thanks for your reply, I would definitely like to stop, maybe when things have settled down a bit and I know what’s going on. The things you read make you feel lousy about yourself.

hi, it didnt seem to make a difference to my MS but i gave up 2 half yrs ago as fell pregnant so did it for baby and dont dare go back now as too bloomin expensive lol

I’ve been smoking for 22 years now, was up to two packs a day, then almost quit during last flare(dropped down to about 3 cigs a day) now I’m back up to full steam, a pack a day again. Some research shows it improves your chances of getting secondary progressive MS but my blood pressure is so low right now I do all that I can to raise it, at least that’s my excuse now 🙂

Yes I smoke.

Nope i am not giving up nor do I want to give up.

In a zen kinda way I guess I give up multiple times a day! 🙂

I smoke roll ups though and quite thin ones too, so the amount of tobacco compared to filtered premades is very small.
If I break down a filtered ciggy I could get 3-4 smokes out of it easily.

my neurologist gave me the NHS line on smoking but also told me that it didnt make any difference to my MS , I now smoke more than cigarettes when im in pain

Anyone taking entidepresants or any other pills that can give issues give alcohol, cigaretes or marihuana? i dont do any of them, but still im curoius more with the weed. Most of my friends do weed, n sometimes i would like to try it? Any recomendations?

Thanks for all your replies I don’t feel like I hate myself quite as much when reaching for one now! Although obviously I would like to kick the habit altogether – one day when the stress levels have eased slightly, I live in hope!!!

@Ricardo Garcia , I used to smoke a lot of weed, and I used to drink like a fish, I’m not on antidepressants though. And weed and alcohol are both depressants. The weed made me twitch a little bit more, but the alcohol did help with my walking crazy enough. Now I don’t do either because I’m dizzy all the time and I don’t think either would really help my condition. I have friends on antidepressant meds and they puff and drink, but please understand that I am in no way suggesting you try it. Just letting you know some of my friends get away with it 🙂

thanks a lot @chueykooh ! today i have an appnmnt with the psichiatrist, im gonna ask him if i can drink and smoke some pot once in a while. I was not sure about that, but what i read in the internet is very positive with the weed, so maybe i can have a lil fun with it, i read about dizziness and weed (im always dizzy too) and says it helps somehow with the symtoms. thank u very much! 😀

i used to smoke weed before i was diagnosed. Not that much, but sometimes i used to, thats why when i see my friends doing it, i kinda have the CRAZY feeling that i WANT to do it! lol

@Ricardo Garcia , I smoked from the time I was 16 until my last relapse about 3 months ago (about 23 years), it never helped with my physical symptoms but I sure had a much better mental outlook and sometimes I would even forget that I had MS lol If it helps with the dizziness please let me know, I wouldn’t mind smoking again 🙂

I smoked cigs for 16 years and just recently quit. Today is day 18 with no smoking and its rough! Like you said, its when you’re stressed that you want to smoke even more! Good luck whatever you decide 🙂

Hey @kiddiecarlos way to go – I would say that giving up smoking tobacco is the ONLY positive thing I have ever done for my health, good luck with it! Actually luck’s got nothing to do with it – all you have to do is make the decision and then stick to it. Once you’ve got your head in the right place, it’s easy 🙂 Getting your head in the right place is the challenge lol. I found that reading Allen Carr did that for me…

@richi1990 I’m with @chueykooh on the effect of weed on MS, it’s never helped me with physical symptoms, but it’s helped me get a much better mental outlook, which I think is very important in dealing with MS, although my weed habit is pretty occasional nowadays (I didn’t say I’d given up smoking EVERYTHING).

With a brief interval about 10 years ago(which lasted c. 10 months before I started again) I had been a smoker for about 20 years.

For financial reasons about 2 years ago (not health considerations), I decided to try packing it in again. That time I asked my GP to prescribe Champix for me. Since finishing that Champix cessation treatment, I haven’t wanted to smoke another cigarette – I can even be in the company of smokers whilst they are puffing away, without feeling even the slightest urge to ask for a sly drag.

I don’t perceive there to have been any resulting influence specifically with regard to my MS, but some things have changed as a result – arguably not all for the better, but at least I’m not continuously accompanied by the stench of stale cigarette smoke (which never bothered me, but did have a negative consequence for friends / family when they were in my company).

I gave up smoking in January, the reasons well at that time i felt so poorly i didnt want to get out of bed let alone smoke as i have always smoked outside, also i have quit so many times before and then started again i just felt it was time to pack it in for good.
Now i have had a couple of slips with the non smoking and had a total of 4 cigarettes since the 6th of January, two when i went back to work after said poorlynes and was threatened with a disciplinary for sickness and the other 2 have been social occasions and then next day have been disgusted with myself as really didnt enjoy the cig and normally cant stand the smell anymore which i guess is a good thing as in past thats been the slippery slope to starting again lol.
I do believe like others have said you have to have your head in the right place and i decided it was time, no matter how many things i have tried to help with cravings etc i have found only will power gets you there completely but I have to say i dont feel i have benefited that much from giving up except i have alot more money in my pocket!!
Good luck with trying to quit if thats what you decide to do


Hiya, Im just completing day 2 of no smoking (very early days lol) I gave up about 3 months ago for 51 days and started again. Its so stupid but between the hospital appointmentsw, the mri scans in my head it was the only way I could deal with it was smoking. Still I feel I could use it but I dont think its going to do me any good in the long run. Plus think of the moneys lol X

Well done for giving up, I managed 6 days once, sounds nothing but I was proud of myself @ the time! Stick with it x

I smoked as a teenager, gave up when I got married, started again in 2006 when the marriage breakup / MS disagnosis / redundancy got a bit too much, and gave up a couple of years ago. I think you can only give up if you really want to, not cos you’re supposed to. Having the odd slip doesn’t mean you’re a full-on smoker again.
Every time I see a tv ad for some anti-smoking device or treatment it reminds me how nice smoking is & how much I enjoy it! But I like the freedom of not smoking, and the kids are happier so it’s all good.

I’ll give up again when I get bored of it, same as last time.
Once spent an entire evening convincing people it was fine that I smoked as having MS meant I couldn’t get cancer. They were going with it right until I said that under Government cutbacks we were only allowed one critical illness now…


I still smoke cigs, and don’t find it a problem.
I smoke for two reasons – A) I enjoy it B) it’s one thing I can control, unlike my legs, short term memory, and general discomfort and pain.


I’ve got no doubt that having a Cigarette affects my walking. It’s inconsistent though. Sometimes my walking gets better, sometimes worse and mostly no change.I notice it at work because I have to walk to the Smoking area. It’s easy to see the before and after 🙂

Smoked 20 a day for almost 30 years.
Tried a vape (e cig last month) and haven’t had a cig since.
5 weeks 2 days 10 hours 17 mins since my last fag
Not sure if the e cig is killing me in another way 😉

Smoked for years, until my hands started going numb as soon as I was smoking – and came back to normal 10 mins after I stopped. I thought that was a pretty strong sign that I should give up!

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