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Dizziness/eye tracking

I just typed this all out & it disappeared! Hopefully it’s not showing up twice.

The shorter version of what I typed before… I feel slightly dizzy this morning, but seems to happen when I move my eyes, like it’s an eye-tracking problem. I got up & walked around the office, no problems there, no weaving around or anything. I’ve been up & down the stairs, no problems thankfully. If I just sit and stare into space, it’s ok but when I move my eyes around, I feel off kilter.

My neuro said folks who get migraines tend to get vertigo more often. This isn’t vertigo, nothing is spinning. Nothing spins when I close my eyes.

Possibly something about my computer screen? Or if it’s MS, do any of you have something similar, eye-tracking slight dizziness? I have a lot of driving to do today so I’m hoping it’s just the computer screen.


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1 year ago

Also, something else I just noticed.

I took my glass off and closed one eye, then the other. I have different prescriptions in each eye but they’re not very far off, never have been. Today though, when I look at a document hanging on my wall, with the left eye closed, I can still read it. It’s slightly blurry but not terrible. But with the right eye closed – totally blurry, can’t make a thing out. That’s new. Wonder 1) what the heck that is all about and 2) if that would cause the feeling of being off-kilter.

1 year ago

@isaacson72 , viewing a computer screen is a quick route to short-sightedness. I know, I’ve been looking at them for over 30 years!

It’s recommended that a few times an hour, you should look up and focus on something long-distance. This exercises the eyes to manage both distances, short and long.

Looking at your latest update, I would suggest a trip to your friendly optician for an eye test.

1 year ago

I stare at screens all day long – occupational hazard! That’s a good tip – focusing on far away things. Good reason to stare out the window & daydream!

Sometimes I have difficulties on my phone — scrolling can make me slightly nauseated or dizzy but putting it away & not looking at it always fixes that. I swear when I had my eyes checked a year ago, she said the difference in vision between left & right was very slight. I just left a voice mail for her assistant to check for me. I already have my annual check up scheduled for Wednesday so we’ll see what she says.

1 year ago

My daughter for the last 2 weeks, has seen things slanted but only when she walks. It is not too bothersome. However, when she lies down she gets strong vertigo associated nausea. Is that something similar to what you feel? You used the term Off kilter.
She has been getting vertigos every April for the last 3 years. Go figure! Apparently, the vestibular system is OK. Maybe lesion in the brainstem? Reappearing regularly???

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