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Hi ladies and gentlemen ๐Ÿ™‚ I was diagnosed with RRMS back in December 2017, lately I have been having consistent dizziness, mainly when I’m on my feet and when I focus on something that’s to my right (straaange). Has anyone else experienced sever dizziness and no balance?

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12 months ago

@amylouise – yes I have and I live with a contsrant dizziness feeling everyday that I am trying to work on but it has improved from where it was


1) vrt exercises which is like vestibular balance training … you will find things online and YouTube . I did this … your brain needs to compensate
At one point I was on anti sickness drugs for a while but if you are in them you have to start again with exercises as brain has to compensate again
You can go to places who specialise in it,but Soem Physios can help to
2) bppv exercise too and very simple

You can still have bppv and other things


12 months ago

@rachaellouise – Aw thank you so much for replying! It’s all new to me, so i’m reading all different things online that sometimes can help and then make you think worse lol. I shall have a look on youtube, the only way i can deal with it at the moment is sleeping it off….can’t be sleeping 24/7 lol x

12 months ago


@amylouise – lots of rest but not too much .. you need to do the exercises and keep them up a few times a day to compensate and try stay active as much as you can.

Also the bppv their is a manoeuvre for that itโ€™s where tiny crystals in your ear get dislodged you do this simple epley manoeuvre and it can correct it straight away or a few goes and it goes .

I had bppv after labyrintitus infection . Therefore tried exercises and bppv epley manoevere

12 months ago

@amylouise – Iโ€™ve just noticed you said you have had a problem with your neck that could be affecting things . What is it you have ? I have an issue with my neck I think , Iโ€™m seeing a chiropractor for it

12 months ago

Hi AmyLouise

I have constant Dizziness permanently along with strong headaches every other day. Over the last week or so I have noticed my right shoulder becomes really stiff and rigid making the right Arm feel as though it weighs a tonne, so heavy I can’t lift it. Thankfully this has only happened twice so far.

12 months ago

In the beginning I had a issue with balance which has gotten so better, I work a tech and walk a lot. I Changed a lot of things my diet , cut back in sugar intake. I was having issues with headaches as well . I found out that it had a great improvement. I believe rest , diet and some workouts of some sort is good . Everyone experience so many different side effects, and everyone finds what works for them . Keep your stress down and a lot of positive vibes ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

What medication are you on ? It may have some side effects to them .

11 months ago


Severe dizziness is very difficult to live with. I felt as if when I was still the world was whizzing past. The feeling was like stepping off a kids round-about and waiting for the spinning to stop. That in fact is what you have to do. The body’s balance system is very delicate so any thing can trigger it. Rest, do sitting exercises and keep calm. These things do help.

11 months ago

Hi amylouise, when I was diagnosed many years ago I had ‘vertigo’ for months, neither me nor the family knew if I was ever going to get out of bed again! It was 3 months before it resolved, and has been ok since apart from during relapses SoI know what to do or not as the case might be. The old rest and recouperation seem to be the best. Hope all gets better soon๐Ÿ˜

11 months ago

@cijh Hi has your dizziness resolved now ?

@amylouise – I second resting but itโ€™s imperative you also balance that with moving a bit like stretching , balance exercise just whatever you can manage and build up. So itโ€™s itโ€™s one stretch itโ€™s one stretch then two etc and keep building on it because it affects you negatively in other ways . I know from experience .



11 months ago

hi there all!
this so rings bells with me, but the way i can explain it is being ‘drunk’!!!! feeling like I’ve had 2 to 4 glasses of wine! but its no fun ๐Ÿ™ its nice to get drunk or tipsy with friends, etc……but its not nice feeling it from the moment you move in the morning, throughout the day till you sleep. Now looking back, it first used to feel like I was walking on a mattress, then it progressed to feeling like I had just come off a fair ground ride, to the whole of last year and up until now feeling pissed, and occasionally the feeling of being ‘stoned’.
Again some one above mentioned the vestibular……. I was told last year that I have some fairly aggressive lesions on my cerebellum and brain stem, and that this was the cause of the lesions and where in my brain there are. my I was referred to physiotherapy in which the physiological taught me some exercises to work on my vestibular, which help periodically, but still living with it.
I feel ya pain, totes know what ur going through X

11 months ago

oh and what ive noticed is that its movement that provokes it, sometimes it feels like I have physically stopped moving, but my brain is still on the move – weird!

11 months ago

Dizziness that is stronger when you look a certain way can be gaze-directed nystagmus (I have it.)

I was very dizzy and vomitty at first. To get it under control I saw an opthoneurologist who taped one pane of my glasses to reduce my eye confusion. I was prescribed clonazepam/klonopin to help with the involuntary eye movements. Then over the course of about five days I slowly weaned myself off the eye patch by strategically viewing things from an angle that didn’t bother my eyes (my nystagmus occurred when I looked to the extreme right) and over time more and more of my central vision recovered. I am still on the clonazepam and no longer notice the problem although it can be induced if I move my eyes to the extreme right. But I am functional again, as no one wanders around in real life with their eyes jammed into the extreme right corners.

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