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Disorganization !

HI everyone

Do you find that Ms has made you disorganised as person or were you always like this ?

Replys appreciated !

Thanks 🙂

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3 years ago

I can’t really put being a bit disorganised and scatty down to MS, however the fatigue means I’m tired and I care Much less about being disorganised and scatty than I ever did.

I suspect this might not be the answer you were hoping for 🙂 xx

3 years ago

So you are disorganised then ?

3 years ago

Is there anyone with ms that extremely organised ? I just wonder if ms hits our part of the brain that would muck up our organizational skills !

3 years ago

If anything i have become MORE organised, cuz life requires more planning these days!
For instance: travelling to London:
Book tkts. Book assistance in advance. Pack in advance. Make sure of meds. Go the day before, travel in the morn cuz you need to have your wits when arriving.

Or simple stuff like prepping food in the morning, cuz I’ll be too shattered @ tea time.
Not doing too much on oneday…”ok going to dancing monday nite so don’t plan to do anything else that day.”

Even when i go out “OK now where are the loos? is there an accessible entrance?”

3 years ago

But you have had to become more organised because of your lack of organization ????

Perhaps . I’m always trying to get better at being organized but some times I just fail terribly .x

3 years ago

When things need to be done or prepared for I’m horrifically organised, spreadhseets, timing people checked and double checked. I have contingency plans for my contingency plans and there’s always some hidden time for things slipping. This covers things like our wedding, holidays, going to events etc. It drives my husband crazy when I am the project manager at home 🙂

When it comes to work where I actually am a project manager, it’s all in my head, I hate documenting it, I rely on my memory rather than audit trails and it all blends into a big mush very quickly. As I said perhaps its the fatigue, but there was a time when I used to feel bad about this or at least make an effort to try to be organised, now it all seems a bit too much like hard work and I don’t really have the energy to try – or I’m a lazy mare

3 years ago

I am definitely more disorganised now, since I got dx with MS. I used to be Miss super organised, tax returns – check, bills up to date – check, kids stuff – check. Everything in its place and at my finger tips. I struggle now to even find the filing box, let alone file correctly!! MS is deffo affecting me cognitively. I’m not fully disorganised yet, but well on my way. And it is killing me having to put contingency plans in place to remember stuff that used to come so naturally!!!

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