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I’m in the process of being made redundant and I’m a bit worried about disclosing my m.s on application forms for new jobs. My ms nurse is confident that the disability discrimination act should ensure there wouldn’t be discrimination and tells me I need to disclose that I have it. Just wondered if anyone has any advice or could tell me the implications of not disclosing? I’ve been working in my current job for 13 years and I’m really not looking forward to starting job search – I know it will be hard enough to get a new job!

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If you have to tell a future employer you have MS and want to mention it in a resume then put a positive spin on it.

Thanks, good advice. It was really whether or not you have to mention in first place. Maybe it’s just a personal decision but my nurse was v adamant I had to disclose it

I wouldn’t unless it affects job performance or is obviously noticeable. Just gives them a reason to not hire you. I would not trust the disability discrimination act.

Why would you ‘have’ to disclose it on the application form? Plenty time to do it at the interview, I would have thought. Because it’s not as though you’ll be applying for anything that is obviously out of your sphere of competence – you’re going for jobs that you know you can do. I wouldn’t say anything until much further into the process. EdgarLeroy is right – DDA can’t be put to the test if you never get to the interview stage. Much easier for them just to dismiss your application and not bother with any of it. I’m a cynic, too.

You are not legall required in the UK to disclose any disability.


Hope it helps.

I’ve been told if you lone work or work with vonrable people or kids you have to inform your employer?

Thanks so much for all your replies – and especially to the link on NI direct Dan W. My instinct was to say nothing until a later stage but I’m still pretty new to MS and trying to get my head around it all. Cheers, have a good weekend

Tell prospective employers abt MS. Otherwise, if you need time off for hospital appts, sick days etc, you don’t have a legal leg to stand on. OK the short-sighted of employers MAY be crappy & it can be harder to get a job. But the DDA is LAW & you can fight!
Its the attitude of EMPLOYERS to people with a disability that pisses me off!

Thanks reddevine, I’ll bear that in mind. I just don’t want to be rejected before I even get to interview stage. At least if I get an interview I can have a fighting chance (and can talk positively about MS) But you’re right I would expect time off for hospital appts etc.

Happy to have helped.


@stefski it really depends on what line of work you are in. i work with children and for insurance/ risk assesment purposes it had to be disclosed.
otherwise i would wait till the interview stage myself. at least that way they can see how fabulous you are which should help with the decision. I also think how you talk about “it” can help a lot.

Good luck with the job hunt

Thanks @hugmachine, appreciate your advice

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