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Difficult time :(

Hey all..
Haven’t posted for a while, I support my partner who has been diagnosed nearly a year ago now… unfortunately he is going though a lot of stress at the moment and this is having a really bad effect on his ms :(. He’s of to see his GP today for a referral to a neuro physiotherapist as the other night we have reason to believe he was having bad ms tremors his whole body shock. Rightly so this scared the pair of us. He started on Tysabri in December and up until now this has worked well for him..

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1 year ago

@lucyscott2605 , the connection between stress and MS progression is one that a lot of us have experienced.

You do need to look at the cause of the stress and determine whether it is important enough to risk an adverse impact to your health, which may be permanent!

It’s all a case of assessing life’s values.

Good luck with the Tysabri, but try and get rid of the stress. 😉

1 year ago

@stumbler Thankyou for your reply , unfortunately this is stress that is completely unavoidable and it’s just got to be rid out. X

1 year ago

@lucyscott2605 , life can present us with challenging situations. I find that this phrase may be useful in these situations

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”

1 year ago

There’s a good old saying In Yorkshire I like to live by “be reet”.


Dubs you have multiple sclerosis “be reet”

And so on and so forth it’s all reet

Ride the storm stay supportive and awsome it will all be reet in the end

1 year ago

Hi Lucy

Firstly on behalf of your partner I want to say thank you for taking the time to access an unknown community to help and support him through a tough time – he is lucky to have you!

I tend to agree with the comment about trying to get to the cause of his stress and try and eliminate or reduce it. I went through a similar situation but wasn’t lucky enough to have the support of my partner at the time. So my advice would be to just be patient with him and to try and support him however you can as I’m sure this will be what he needs the most…just knowing you love and support him in darker times. I now utilise Bach flower remedies daily to manage my emotions, feelings and stresses and I wish I knew about them when I needed to find answers or the strength to walk away/find peace in situations that made my ms worse. I would suggest that if he isn’t able to walk away from stresses at the moment then he needs to try and find stress management tools to support himself…Bach flowers are just one of the things I use to manage my stress levels. There are lots of great stress relieving tools, therapies and groups out there. Don’t forget to look after yourself too as you won’t be any good to him in the long run otherwise! I hope you both find your answers soon. Ami x

1 year ago

Hi there, stress is a total bitch and there’s not much to say except good luck with it. It’s really lovely that you are there for your partner. If it’s unavoidable stress just be there to ease the load and help as a distraction. My sister says worry leads to stress and stress solves nothing but if it comes your way be mindful of it and surround yourself with the people that make you laugh and the things you love to do. Good luck and take care 😊

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