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Diets Diets Diets…..

Wow what confliction between them….. Some advise animal fat where others completely anti etc..

Just wondered if anyone here had tried and stuck to any diets for at least 3 months?

Paleo, Wahls Paleo, Overcoming MS diet, Recover from MS diet etc…

I have cut out gluten as they do all recommend that, been a few days now but guess it would take longer to notice any difference if there was gonna be a difference…

Thanks xxx

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Well, I am in the same boat. What I am seeing if majority rules for low fat and no sugar (or low sugar – not sure how that is measured). I am surprised that no one since Swank is really measuring this one, not even the people with MS.

I find that when I eat whole foods (lots of fresh vegetables, salads, fruit in moderation, fish, raw nuts, chia seeds, kale smoothies with raspberries and small amounts of protein/chicken, soy, cheese and greek yogurt I feel better.
Basically I cut out 99% of “white” stuff like sugar and flour based items.
Not only do I feel lighter but I swear it makes me feel better overall.
I started the paleo and somewhat tailored it to what I needed / like in whole food items.
Though this will be much harder when all girl scout cookie order comes in!! 😀

@soler11 great links! thanks for sharing them!

Thanks for all the info Soler! 🙂 …… Yeah as for sugar I worry about what measures, if I eat an apple my feet will tingle so am now thinking all sugar that i know of maybe should go…. I’m gonna speak to my herbalist tomorrow and she focuses on diet a lot so will be interesting to hear what she has to say…. Will let you know!!!

Also there are the blood type diets… Oh boy…

Thanks 🙂 xxx ……

Thanks Cw…. Sounds healthy to me what you’re eating! To be honest over the last few days I’ve probably been eating the healthiest I have since my mum stopped cooking for me… lets hope it makes a difference 🙂

And yeah those cookie orders… I’m sitting here starving but still unsure of what I can and can’t eat but am daydreaming chocolate etc… Will decide on a diet and stick to eat but wow temptations will be a challenge 🙂

Thanks xxx

I have been following swank diet for over 4 yrs was very strict first couple of years but now still follow just once in a while be naughty. I don’t touch bread unless gluten free and other products too. I feel better not cured but can’t go back the way i used to eat. Dairy free also and no red meats. It takes awhile but can be done. And worth it.

Everyone above: basic question – WHY are you trying said diets? and the plethora of links would seem to say some of you are hopping from fad diet to fad diet.
Is it to cure MS? Not gonna happen. Is it to lose weight? unhappy with your body shape/weight? Some basically principles of healthy eating:
Switch to whole foods – brown bread, and cut down on processed stuff
Plenty of fruit and veg.
Drink plenty of water daily.
You don’t HAVE to cut out gluten, protein or any foodgroups, unless there is additional health reasons.
NOTE: in my latest mag from Slimming World – where I am losong weight, there is a great article from a lady who has MS.
PS – whatever you choose, you will do better being in a group, than trying to slog it on your own.

You know what they say ‘You put s*it in, you get s*it out’, if you eat a healthy balanced diet, you will feel better 🙂 I know that when I eat certain foods its going to make me feel worse, for me high sugar food in isolation is a one way trip to fatiguesville, same with a carb heavy meal, it can really weigh me down.

Just go with what you’re happy eating, just try and keep it balanced. There’s a lot of differing opinions out there with expensive books to back the various claims up, can they all be right?

@reddivine I think I disagree with you… about being in a group I mean… It kind of makes it so that you only will be able to achieve your goal when you’ve got the support of others around. when and how do you stop being part of that group? how can you make it a sustainable, life long lifestyle change?

I had a different attitude to weight loss and diet. I was in my mid thirties… recently diagnosed and quite overweight. The dx was a massive slap in the face… and before reading about and understanding the possible implications of diet and lifestyle with MS i resolved that i would make changes and lose weight.
(as at that time i freaked about if i became a wheelchair user and physically less able… my prior perception of MS…. I needed and wanted to be as fit as possible and able to manage my own care and stay as independent as possible for as long as possible)

I think with diet… it’s just like smoking… you’ve got to REALLY want to change to make it a success… if you don’t have it in your heart you’ll fall of the wagon in some way shape or form.

I did some reading…. and felt exactly like @cazzzzzy . A bit overwhelmed with the conflicting info. I ended up listening to a guy called Harbige who is an expert on lipids and fats…. and he advised i follow something approximating the swank diet… I quit being a vegetarian, started using supplements and safflower oil…. I started scoffing loads of chicken and fish and took mild but regular exercise.

which is… as suggested… a healthier choice generally.

Until this last week… I’ve been relapse free for two years… and prior to then i had been having approximately 2/3 relapses a year for the prior three years leading to dx.

I don’t know if it’s diet and lfestyle changes that have helped me to be relapse free but the fact that i’m about 65 pounds lighter… has generally made me feel healthier, fitter and in better shape than i’ve been for years.

I do notice that if i ever pig out/eat out and end up eating lots of fatty stuff… i feel grotty and get a tremor for the following few days.

These usually tie in with late nights and a drop of booze it must be said!

I have never been overweight, my bowels is stuffed so eating the way I do helps wirh that and helps my body to absorb vitamins and nutrition.

I guess some of us have more issues with diet than others. I know I have tons of issues with digestion and this diet is awesome. So far, nothing is helping MS but I just started and I have a lot to learn. There are believers out there that you can eat your way out of MS and I would tend to agree given that my aunt does it this way.

Since my last strong relapse I have been trying to cut out “all bad stuff”, but not in so strict way…for example:
I do not drink normal milk, but use rice or soya dry milk,
eat jogurts, cheese or milk product just with fat under 1,5%,
if I have taste on chocholate, just eat dark one with more then 50% of cocoa or eat fish/chicken/ light beef meat instead …
Firstly I thought, that I will be strong enough to eat totally differently, but I do not want to live without all my favourite dishes – I am just trying to make them much more healthier, lighter and I feel better…I admire people, who can totally change their lifestyle, but now I am just trying to find my own way:)) Wish you to be successful in yours…

@JustJones, well your entitled to your opinion. Its working for me. I would be a quitter without having group to go to. Hell. it gets me out regularly! When I started, pretty much the only exercise I did was walking there & back.
I’m not gonna plug Slimming World alone as there are others, I know, I een on a few over the years. But the lady with MS? she lost 12 stone. YES TWELVE STONE!! Any weight loss will improve your health cuz you become more confident, healthy, more active, even if you are in a chair.
I would say…see your dr first. See if you ARE overweight or its only in your head.

Thanks guys… Really is great to hear everyone’s views and experiences here on diet… I do personally think it could make a difference and maybe even slow progression if the right diet is found to suit you and stuck to! The ketogenic diet definitely helps with epilepsy so I don’t see why other neuro or autoimmune illnesses can’t be helped by diet…

It’s just finding the right diet, trying it and sticking with it… it will be tough and the last thing I feel up to is cooking most of the time but I think if I can do things gradually and organise my day around the cooking in stages to help with MS symptoms etc it will be manageable…. Got nothing to lose and I’ll still get all vitamins and minerals etc so why not…. Rather that than things be worse years down the line and wishing I had tried….

My herbalist today was saying she goes by loads of green veg and grass fed meats and no fruits/sugar no starches absolutely no gluten or grasses (including rice, corn and sugar cane amongst others) and explained about why fat is important for myelin but couldn’t explain the science behind it right now as my brain is mush but she explained it so well… The diet she has advised is sooooo strict and will take a bit of getting used to but hey ho like I said I’ve nothing to lose!… Oh my it will be bloody hard but am gonna try…

Reddivine – I know where you are coming from with the group thing as it can really help with motivation and understanding from others in the same boat! It’s like with weight watchers I think people start gaining weight again when the meetings stop… And groups are helpful, i’m looking forward to starting yoga with MSSociety soon, I probably wouldn’t bother getting round to going to yoga if it wasn’t for a group with understanding people 🙂

Thanks and best wishes xxx

And heres a snippet from the Daily Mail.. It amused me..:

Seems advertisers assume most people never read the label 🙂

I am trying a sort of vegetarian version of the Swank diet just now. To be honest I think it’s probably not going to help. And I really miss Irn Bru, so I don’t think I’ll be staying on it long. Irn Bru is a deal breaker for me.

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Cheers! jman – yeah I know what you mean… But all this diet mono poly trans saturation can be confusing so I bet there are people out there (me guilty! :/ ) who can’t get there head around it all and just see the word healthy and chuck it in the basket…. I remember when butter was butter 🙂

Kirsty – Totally know what you mean as there are too many foods to list that I am missing like crazy …. Sticking with my diet for now but am feeling miserable when hungry which is most of the time now…. If you need a motivation diet partner let me know (or anyone else!?!?) …. I’m kinda doing the swank, my herbalist is recommending I eat meat but been a veggie since I was 12 so it’s tough but have been eating a lot of fish… Good luck 🙂

And thanks Debbi – will look into that!

Thanks xxx

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