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Dietician & Naturopath

Has anyone here had good experiences seeing a dietician and/or a naturopath? I asked my MS nurse about both and she made me feel nutty for even suggesting it. I am pretty alternative myself, but I am not delusional. I am not starting any meds for a least a year as I try to get pregnant and would love to change my diet and lifestyle in the mean time. Does this sound ridiculous to any of you?

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4 years ago

No Jay 23…I am newly diagnosed but just reading up and researching has made me think diet was a big part of ms and ‘lifestyle after diagnosis’ I’m def going to ask about a dietician referral. When I do I’ll let you know how I get on

4 years ago

I believe diet and Naturopathy is the way to go. Have Ms for 25 years now and kept reasonable with the above. The NHS seems blinkered to me and just told “a healthy diet is always good” huh… Obvious or what!
I stick to low saturated fat diet but high in unsaturated fat. Fatty acids very important!
Hope this makes sense!
We are what we eat!!!!

4 years ago

@andypearl what is it you actually eat on a daily basis then?


4 years ago

totally agree that diet is a very important factor as well. i guess we have to control our saturated fat intakes.
anything that makes our immune system work faster is bad for us.
because 80% of your immune system is in your gut you have to therefore try to make sure you put food in your gut that wont make your immune system work faster.
so if you eat less or no saturated fats your immune system will not be needed as much to function as you will be eating more healthier foods.
so i agree diet is very important for people with MS.
the less we make our immune system work the better for us.
the more junk we eat the more our immune system will have to work to kill the junk foods. and if your immune system is in overdrive killing the saturated fats and junk food it can work against us with MS.

4 years ago

@brownk please keep me posted on your visit to the dietician. I have booked a naturopath appointment this week and am hoping it will be a useful visit!

4 years ago

Will do @jay23 ☺ hope your naturopath appointment hoes well. Let me know too

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