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Did I get a hug this morning?

I woke this morning about 4.45 am with a feeling of slight breathlesness and tight chest, now is this was you call an MS Hug? to any of you that get this, are these typical feelings? Ive never had it before and its not a nice feeling, maybe it was bad indigestion from last nights dinner!

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6 years ago

I’ve not had ‘the hug’ so much yet though heard a lot about it. I do however seem to just waken with a jolt some nights, like my body just seizes. I am not sure if this when it happens is ms related or not either. Quite easy to attribute anything and everything to ms, though, from what you say it does sound like your experiencing ‘the hug’. I think it is a very generalized term though for such a random and varied condition as ms is.

6 years ago

I get the hug…or at least I think I do. Very tight chest (and sometimes torso) squeeze. Typically like a giant rubber band or corset feeling. Crushing in from all sides accompanied with breathlessness and sometimes pain.

@loulou – Hope it has gotten better since then.

6 years ago

Yes it didnt last long Chels, about an hour and then I went off to sleep for a bit, it is so worrying when you get another symptom to “add” to the list of others!!!!

6 years ago

I get this feeling where I take a deep breath I kinda lose the last bit of my breathe, with a funny tight feeling in my chest. Lasts about a day and usually happens about once a month. I think this may be my hug.

Best wishes

6 years ago

That sounds typical of hug symptoms. They usually don’t last long, but they are irritating. Don’t panic and remember if your brain is still reacting to what is happening, you can breathe. It just bites.

6 years ago

I have never gotten the hug, but sometimes when I take a deep breath my chest feels very spastic, like I can’t take a deep enough breath or my muscles in my chest aren’t working properly.

6 years ago

I may have gotten it, but I also have asthma, so… I just attribute everything in my chest to that. I’ve learned to just put up with things when it comes to that.

6 years ago

I started out a few years ago with mild symptoms of a hug but thought it was all sorts of other things until it eventually exacerbated to the point that I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the Emergency Department… fortunately they were able to rule out anything cardiac and so now even when it gets bad I know NOW what it is…. the Mischievous So-and-so (aka MS) loves me a lot because it’s always got me in some sort of embrace…..

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