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Diagnosis criteria. Really anxious. Help

Hi everyone, I am new to this site and new to the world of MS. Basically I have had numbness with burning in my legs and arms, brain fog and dizziness since Oct16. My symptoms are much better in the last few weeks with burning remaining and lightheadedness. I had an MRI in March17 which showed numerous lesions. I am now going for a LP and visual potential test on the 28th April. My question is that since there are lesions in different areas of my brain if the LP and visual potential tests are positive will I be diagnosed with MS? Also worried about the really nasty symptoms coming back. When will I know. Have been off work for 2 months and this is making me anxious too. The thing is no one can see how I feel even though I have a really supportive family. Any suggestions anyone? Sorry for the rant and really appreciate you reading.

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1 year ago

Hi @kateybash and welcome.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for your Neurologist to make a diagnosis, after the results of the Lumber Puncture and Visual Evoked Potentials are to hand. A diagnosis of MS isn’t given lightly and has to comply with the Mcdonald Criteria (

I can relate to your situation. MS is one of the “invisible” conditions, so it is difficult to have others understand what we’re going through. Your rant is fully understood here.

You need to accept that you are ill and take things very easy. The anxiety and stress you feel is creating negative energy that can only aggravate your present symptoms.

So, stay calm (I know, easier said than done) and look after yourself..

1 year ago

Hi Kate – waiting for information and diagnosis is stressful – I must have waited 6 months from start to finish but opted to stay as positive as possible about what I assumed was going to be a confirmed diagnosis of MS – having had MRI and evoked potential tests my neurologist confirmed MS – it’s scary and difficult I know but trying to read around the subject and keep good thoughts and positives in mind for me worked – hope you get to know one way or the other soon – there’s plenty of support and information out there – all the best Lyn

hi Kate,

Did you have the mri with and without contrast? On of the criteria is going to be able to show that something is happening over time. The fact that things have gotten better is at least promising. My wife was diagnosed late last year and we went on OMS ( which includes a lot of lifestyle change and information about MS. I think its a worth reading the site or getting the book and just getting familiar with everything you can. I think that will help in two ways: There are some good overall things you can do that will help regardless if you end up having MS or not. The second is that if you do have to talk to a dr, you will be armed with more knowledge and be able to move to a proper diagnosis quicker. There are other sites, books and videos you can watch, along with going through content on this site.

1 year ago

Hi Kate,

The uncertainty and waiting are hard for sure.

One good piece of advice that I got while awaiting diagnosis and test results was not to do too much research on the internet. It can be very scary and up your stress levels drastically. There is not much point in researching MS until you know what type you have yourself, or if you have it 🙂
My Dr. suggested that if I needed information, the best place to go was the MS Society site. This was a really helpful site and answered a lot of my questions, without causing too much fear or panic.

Try to stay positive, and remember that there are a lot of people out there who know what you are going through, and we are here to offer support where we can!


1 year ago

Thankyou so much everyone for replying. I didn’t have an MRI with contrast , would that have been better? Lot’s of amazing advice. I will let you know.

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