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Describe your relapse

Hello everyone hope you are all well. Just out if interest could your describe your relapses to me. What it effect, weather it was a sudden worsening or gradual, and how long the recovery took if there was any.

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1 year ago

@siyman , there’s a good definition of a relapse here :-

These kinds of episode are individual to each person in what they affect and how long they last…….

1 year ago

Anyone else ?

1 year ago

I haven’t had a relapse in 9 years since I was diagnosed. I probably had symptoms for 10 years but kept being blown off by my GP. My last relapse was my right arm I was in a lot of pain if the wind blew on it my skin felt like it was melting, when showering my skin felt like it was freezing. My GP decided to give me that referral I had been asking for to a neuro, he thought I had damaged my elbow. The neuro also thought it might be a damaged elbow, but when he found out about the problems I had in the past he tested me for MS. My MRI results came back that I probably had MS for awhile. It was a hot summer when I had this relapse and every year I seem to get worse in the heat. Potter

1 year ago

I think they can vary so much depending on what part of the brain is affected I’m not sure how helpful individual experience may be to you.

In my case I’ve only had one confirmed relapse which led to my diagnosis some 4 years ago. Over the space of a week I lost most my sight, my face was half paralysed and my pupils were visibly spinning . My balance and co-ordination was off too. I was hospitalised. Recovery took 4-6 weeks. I’d had no hint of MS before this. This was a severe, acute, highly disabling relapse which came from nowhere.

Since then nothing apart from a couple of weeks where my knees felt a bit weak and they had a tremor at certain angles. Not noticeable to anyone else or disabling to me. The MRI showed nothing though so they put this down to an infection at the time and not a relapse as such. If it was relapse it was totally different to my first one and much, much milder.

Notably my first relapse hit my brain stem which is a pretty vital piece of kit hence the severity. Other parts if the brain can take up the slack better.

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