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Hi everyone I got diagnosed with rr ms in March last yr. I am on gabapentin, tecfidra and vitamin d. I have suffered with depression for yrs and anxiety but for past few mths it’s got really bad and to the point of not so good thoughts. I was wondering if anyone has been threw the same or similar as I’m a bit suck and can’t seem to get out of it.

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4 months ago

Im not expert with depression i had it with bad thoughts when i was taking interferon

I am Saudi Arabian I admit being Saudi with golden spoin in my mouth is a factor of never evdn knkwing or seeing anyone with depression here

But I suggest repeated events and happets better change for you bordom kills the innerself try yourbest to change how you live move to a new house or change furnetur
Travel thats the best thing meet nee friends

Go crazy hyper change how you look entiry
Change you diet dont get stuck with a routine basically

I was in scotland and person with me was depressed because he was soending all day on games

Nevet leaves house
Better live your age you’re gorgeous such a shame to feel this way

Having faith makes us more sane on a certain path for a certain goal bigger than this short life that we think uts hard enough

4 months ago

@sarahlb Though I am fortunate not to have depression I am on an SSRI ( Prozac, for example, is an SSRI) called Duloxetine to treat neuropathic pain as I hated gabapentin.

Assuming that is why you are Rx’d gabapentin it may be worth discussing Duloxetine as an alternative with your doctor.

Alternatively, if you are diagnosed with depression then I can’t see why your GP wouldn’t give you a medication for it and/or prescribe a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for you.

I am no medic and these are the type of things to talk about with them.

Good luck.



4 months ago

@sarahlb , @dominics alludes to a very important point. It is important to discuss these type of problems with your GP. They can only treat problems that they are aware of.

You’re also reaching your prime. Yes, it’s that age for a female. Us blokes are on the way down from about 18!

Life, like MS, is completely unpredictable. Tomorrow, everything could change for you, so please don’t give up hope.

4 months ago

Hello @sarahlb, you’ve been through such a lot. Definitely check in the your GP. I take amitriptyline for headaches, but it’s an anti-depressant which can benefit neuropathic pain for MS patients too. You may be eligible for counselling support too to help with your throughts, or even CBT to help redirect your thoughts. Good luck x

4 months ago

@ sarahlb gabapentin does affect your mood. It does give me not so good thoughts when its increased and i dont even have depression. So yeah see if they can replace it.

Get well soon xxxx

4 months ago

Hi @sarahlb
Depression is a symptom of MS and the statistics are that we MSers are more likely to be depressed than the general population. See others replies

I notice that you have been coping with depression and anxiety for several years pre diagnosis. It could be that emotional impact of your still fairly recent diagnosis is having an effect on your mental health.

Did you have any treatments or self care strategies pre MS? Perhaps revisit them. The GP can be a good starting point. I wonder if you have talked about how you feel with family and friends as well – it’s hard with a low mood sometimes.

I’ve had depression in the past but I’ve found going on a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with a well qualified tutor was very helpful after I’d had a short 5 session counselling after my diagnosis. I’ve also taken medicine pre diagnosis. It can be a challenge coming to terms with MS as well as difficulties with mental health

Take care

3 months ago

Thanks to everyone for the help and nice words. I am trying to get threw this but my husband has just left me and the kids last night. 22 yrs together and he just walks out. I’m on the waiting list for counciling and been put on 40mg of Paroxetine daily so need to give them time to work.

3 months ago

Oh, @sarahlb , I’m so sorry. Actions like that give us blokes a bad name.

But, now you don’t have to pander to his requirements and you can put you and the kids first. This is the time to pull your family close and enlist their support.

Please don’t let the situation stress you as this will incite some adverse MS activity. Don’t let him do that to you.

3 months ago

@stumbler thanks it was just a shock. Haven’t slept all last night can’t stop crying but atleast now I know what kind of man he really is. Yes that’s what I’m worried about if this brings on a relaps or something. I’m trying to stay calm but I’m not having much Sussex.

3 months ago

@sarahlb , you cry away, you’ve got to allow the emotions to flow.

But, you can console yourself with the fact that you are entering the prime of your life, whilst your husband is twenty years past his prime.

So, this is your time, a new chapter, new possibilities.

3 months ago

I was diagnosed in August of 2016 and I’m learning to cope, it’s not easy, I need to take it little by little. Keep your chin up, we have this the rest of our lives and we need to learn to cope with ever increasing limitations but I find that overcoming these limitations allows me continuous Spiritual growth witch I will need to keep a positive attitude.

3 months ago

Went to another MS specialist, when I started having wicked anxiety…..found out that it may have to do with my Vit D count – too much. Had a blood test, and voila, I had too much Vit D. Something to question…..

3 months ago

@stumbler thank you.

@robert_root yes this is true thanks.

3 months ago

Hi @greasycanadian I might get that checked out as I’m on vit d tablets thanks.

3 months ago

T’was on 50,000/week, perhaps a lower dose would have been fine.

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