vixen 21/02/18
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Depiction of MS on TV

So, there are a couple of soaps on UK TV which feature characters with MS. Great it’s out there in the public domain. But I watch those folks every so often have a little wobbly moment and then life goes completely back to normal. If only that’s what MS was really like. Or, is that ‘normal’ MS and it’s just me that feels like it is with me every day, with no let up? If only like were that simple, hey…….

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4 months ago

@vixen , soaps are either quite comical (Corrie) or miserable (Eastenders).

Their depiction of MS is just a walk-on part! Ha Ha! 😉

4 months ago

@vixen, just because it hasn’t ‘normalised’ for you yet, don’t assume it never will……xx

4 months ago

Thanks @cameron. Was it you in a previous post that also said a friend had been told that MS was the preferable of all the neurological diseases? That was a positive spin too, so thanks for that also (if it was you! ). 🙂

I think exactly the same thing if I watch Corrie. MS is with me all the time, seems the only times I’m not thinking about an MS type issue is when I’m asleep!! The guy in Corrie seems as bright as a button most of the time!

I know it’s not real (I don’t think!) but it makes it look like it’s a stroll in the park!!

4 months ago

Hi and thanks @vixen! Yes, it was my friend who had been told that. BTW, I see that you’re very new to MS. I reckon it was a good four years before I got my head round it all (dx in 2003) . There are so many issues that need working through and it took longer than I would have wished. Since c. 2007, though, it’s been absolutely fine. I am now a lady who lunches…..xx

4 months ago

I haven’t seen how they portray it on t.v. because I don’t watch soaps but I definately don’t think about my MS all the time, it’s enough that you have it, don’t want it butting in my life anymore than it has to!

You can have normal days, or whatever normal is, personally I think being normal is over-rated 😂😂!

Keep smiling, the more you think about it the more it takes over, just don’t let it 😊.

4 months ago

Definitely keep smiling! It reminds me of a scene in Doc Martin. Two giggly girls are pursuing him up a hill asking him daft questions about some minor injury that’s just happened to one of them. She says, ‘But will I die?’ He looks back at her and says, ‘Yes, but not today’.

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