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Dear ALL

Hope everyone is doing well… here is my question l have all the symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome and was given some tablets which helped but:
is there a link between irritable bowl syndrome and MS.
does IBS mean leaky gut? Does it trigger MS?
Does IBS cause pain right underneath of my left rib cage? Why do i have pain in that area?
Has it got anything with colon?

The neuro said they are not linked what so ever… but l think the otherwise. l could not find any published resource to read.. if anybody knows a source please let me know..
What do you think.. any help please
Thank youu

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1 year ago

Thank youu unfortunaltely there seemed to be no research carried out on this topic .. grey area

1 year ago

I thought I’d got IBS too but was told by my MS nurse that it was probably MS linked and NOT IBS. It is intermittent in that it plays up from time to time. The pain you mention beneath yr rib cage – don’t know what that might be but the colon is low down on left hand side above the groin….. have a look at an anatomical diagram. Sorry I can’t help more…..but maybe in the end it’s best to go by what your neuro says.

1 year ago

I have the same problem for years. The medicos had no answers.
Recently I referred to a book by Giulia Enders . The Gut.
It was illuminating and taught me a lot. It may help you…
I bought it online, Good Luck
Noelene W

1 year ago

Inflamatory Bowel Disease (ulcerative colitis and chrones), which is also autoimmune have been linked with MS, but I’m not sure about IBS. Also, the medical community doesn’t always accept leaky gut syndrome because a lot of the information about it is not peer reviewed and is linked to products like probiotic cocktails.
This study did not find a link with chrones, but they did ID a link with colitis, but there may be more out there. Google scholar is google’s engine for scientific literature, so if you want your doctor to listen, you might be able to find some peer-reviewed research there.

1 year ago


and by the way, if you cannot read the articles themselves the abstract often lists the findings and a brief summary of the study.
I hope you feel better soon.

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