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1 year ago

Hi @julyann and welcome.

Wow, that’s one helluva question. The short answer is to retain my positivity and believe that tomorrow will always be a better day. πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

Ignore it as much as possible! I have had to make changes to the way I do things, but now those changes are made, just plod on as normal… I have a walking stick, for emergency days, but try not to use it if I don’t have to…

1 year ago

Hiya @julyann , as @ stumbler & @msdestroyer says, get on with what the day throws at you & believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Red x

1 year ago

I like to handle it all internally or as much as possible. I have tried to involve others and it just does my nut in.

Not the best way for all but I honestly find that is the way I feel happiest about it but saying that when the crap hits the fan I know who to speak to about it.

1 year ago

I just try to ignore it as much as I can, all the problems I have I’ve adapted to them so for example my balance is really bad so I just use lifts and honestly I just try and carry on living. The mental problems are where it really gets hard but all I need to do is rest and they tend to calm down in a few days. We’re all different but the best advice I can give is don’t push yourself and just keep doing what makes you happy.

1 year ago

there is no alternative solution to dealing with MS, because everyone has different symptoms and therefore it is hard to discuss wais how to deal with it. Just try to stay positive, active and persistent. πŸ˜€

1 year ago

I internalise most of it, just act like everything’s ok. I’m sitting here just now with numb lips and shooting pain in my leg but no one’s any the wiser, but when I can’t take it i find a good cry always helps😘

1 year ago

I’m quite new to all this so the only advice I can offer is to enjoy everyday as best you can and listen to your body. At the moment I feel good so I’m trying to do as much as I can although I know one day I’ll crash I just try to notice small cues and pull back a bit. And it is ok to have a good cry every now and then get t all out! x

1 year ago

Do what you can when you can then have a rest

1 year ago

I fought for the treatment I wanted and went to war against MS.

I get tired, but I’ve learnt how to work with that and don’t allow it to make any inroads into my life. If it breaks through the treatment I had then I will simply have another Lemtrada or move on to the next big kick ass thing.

1 year ago

Like Tracy I went to war with MS, I started on treatment right away and started researching. It’s been nine years still on treatment and still researching. I do a hours worth of stretches I got from a physical therapist and take a hand full of pills in the morning. Learned the hard way not to over exert or work to long and get plenty of sleep. Watch a sad movie and cry and blubber through it, helps get rid of stress and I feel much better afterwards. Belong to MS and pottery forums where I can try to help people by answering questions and belong to a community that speaks my language. Potter

1 year ago

I laugh and mock it, no one understands what MS is so in ripping it a new one others don’t feel uncomfortable in asking me questions and gain a greater understanding of what and other suffers have to go through, yes I have down days but f*** it if it’s going to ruin my life I’m gonna make it as difficult for it as much as possible.

How do you cope @julyann

1 year ago

I prioritise MS when I need to and at other times it falls off my radar. There are times when its needs my full attention, the rest of the time I let things be. I need to do this to live a life outside its shadow.

Don’t let it become bigger than it needs to be. Do your groundwork, take what practical steps you can. You have no control over the rest.

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