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DAE have extreme pain w/ copaxone 40

I just started copaxone 40mg (3 a week) injections on the 9th of april. First injection was measured wrong by my nurse and I ended up stabbing myself in the stomach muscle. It was extremely painful. I lowered the setting to a 7 and my injections have continued to be so painful I can’t move for an hour. My legs were so bad and left a huge thick welt that lasted for a day. Arm had shooting pains down ribs and into arm pit with a mild welt. Hip is painful but seems to have the smallest welt reaction. All in all, every location I shot was so painful I can’t even move for an hour. Last injection (back in the stomach again but on a 7 instead of a 9) was still so painful it brought me to tears. My nurse said “stinging and burning” is normal but this is nothing like that. I told two nurses about the pain reactions but they said just try a different setting. Is this normal and will it get better?

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3 years ago

@liina , have a read of this website, which discusses IPIR, immediate post-injection reaction:-

3 years ago

I have been on copaxone for 3 years. In the beginning the injection site reactions were pretty severe but now I mainly have no reactions and if I do they are very mild. I changed my routine and now do my injections in the morning as I read moving around can reduce reactions and I have found that to be the case, I also have the auto inject set to 10 as I find a shallower injection more painful and usually if it is a particularly painful injection it is because the depth has moved. I know it is horrible just now but hopefully it will get better, I found the ice pack helped and now I don’t use anything and do all my injections in the stomach the only side effect being bumps under the skin

3 years ago

@liina Hi, something similar happended to me. First inyection with the nurse was ok but really painful. Second at home,on the leg, it was hell. I couldn’t walk for hours. 3er, 4th hell, I had never experience such a pain in my life, I was on tears. Also I had palpitacions after the inyections.
Before tried copaxone, I was on rebif for few years so I was used to inyections.
Anyway, I didn’t carry on taking Copaxone, neurologist and I think it didn’t agree with me. I’m on Gilenya now.

2 years ago

Try without the autoject that solved all my injection problems

2 years ago

I’ve heard if you try it without the autoinject, that can help. I had my mom give me the shots a few times without the autoinject (she’s a nurse) but I didn’t notice much of a difference. Everybody is different though, might be worth trying.

I do believe moving around helps a lot. I HATE the leg shots. I have to really psych myself up to do them. They hurt like hell and I get a big welt. They bleed too, whereas nowhere else bleeds. I’ve tried different depths, icing, heating (both before & after), etc. nothing makes any difference. But I just do it with gritted teeth (and a few curses), then get up and continue on with my day. The leg ones hurt the entire day, sort of like a sore muscle, but only when I walk.

I will say mine seem to have gotten better over time. I was told it would be ok for a month or so, then get worse over the course of a few months after that, then hardly noticeable. I’ve been on it since January and most areas are in the “hardly noticeable” category now. Except the legs, those just suck.

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