mayvar 11/05/18
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Have you ever tried whole body cryotherapy? I have an opportunity to do three, 3.5 minute, sessions with liquid nitrogen, not ultra cold air. The temperature can get as low as -250°F.

Did you like the effects it had on your body? Is it worth it? Thank you for any feedback or stories!!


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2 weeks ago

I’d be very interested to hear how that works. Liquid nitrogen ‘burns’ the skin and is used to remove lesions and scars. I accidentally dipped my thumb into it at college (through a thermal glove) and I lost feeling in the thumb for months. If you were immersed in liquid nitrogen, I think you’d die pretty quickly.

2 weeks ago

@mayvar, this is a new one on me, but there appears to have been a few studies. Here’s a recent one :-

2 weeks ago

Where can you do this? I’m astounded tbh. You would freeze to death! Body cooling as @stumbler mentioned is a totally different process to being submerged in liquid nitrogen. I’m concerned!

2 weeks ago

6 days ago

Ha! I’m a scientist and I have no idea WHY I said liquid nitrogen! Oops!

I think I may try it out and report back. ….or just go to up to the northern islands at home in Norway.


5 days ago

Why will it help MS? It sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me!

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