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Critical illness cover

Hi everyone,

I have just joined this forum – feels so nice to be part of such a great community of people.

I am currently awaiting final diagnosis but have so far had transverse myelitis which was classed as a clinically isolated syndrome. I had several very small spinal lesions and one on the brain. Just awaiting my evoked potential test results now.

Prior to the transverse myelitis in March, I had never had any Ms related symptoms e.g numbness, pins and needles, vision problems etc..

Now this is going to make me sound like an awful person, but the one thing that is keeping me sane at the moment is my critical illness policy and the fact that a little bit of good could come out of this if I do indeed get diagnosed.

There is a pre existing conditions clause in the policy that means they will not pay out if you had prior issues that were linked to Ms – it names things like any kind of neuropathy, blurred vision, double vision etc..

Now the only things I can find in my medical history that could possibly scupper my claim ate aches and pains in my legs following my second pregnancy and – this is the but I wanted to ask everyone’s advice on – something that happened during my second pregnancy when I was 5 months pregnant. I basically had what felt like a little migraine and was also a little anxious and run down, nauseas etc.. This episode was diagnosed and treated as a UTI. However!!!! Having read my notes, the gp wrote that I had reported “several episodes of almost losing my vision, flashing lights, pulsing etc..” Now in a normal situation this would sound just like a pregnancy related headache but I am so worried they are going to try and say it was optic neuritis!!! What I find so frustrating is that the gps notes make it sound so much worse than it was!! I didn’t lose vision at all – I was just momentarily affected by the flashing lights!!! I’m really hoping that they won’t use this to get out of paying – the gp never investigated it further and I never had another headache. Thus all happened just under 2 years before my transverse myelitis. I’m hoping that the fact the notes say several episodes in one week will prove that it wasn’t in anyway related to optic neuritis as the vision disturbance was very transitory – came and went several time etc.. And like I say – it wasn’t vision loss in any way – just momentary flashing lights!!! Do you guys think that because the neurologist has said that my transverse myelitis was a clinically isolated syndrome, e.g first episode of neurological symptoms, that the critical illness people will respect this as my first sign of Ms? If I do indeed get diagnosed?? This all happened after my policy was taken out but the stupid pregnancy headache was before!!

I know I shouldn’t be focusing on all this but the thought of the claim and how it would help my family is just helping me to keep my head above water right now!!

I would so value your opinions on this. Thanks so much everyone x x x

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3 years ago

I took out my Critical Illness Cover before i was diagnosed with MS. I tried to claim but their response was ‘your not ill enough’. You do not get cured of MS! It took 5 years before they paid out! In my experience it takes alot of phone calls, medical report etc. Good luck.

3 years ago

How ridiculous – you poor thing!

Did you get support from your neurologist with the paperwork and medical supporting documents?

Did they query any symptoms that you had prior to the diagnosis?

Luckily my policy will pay out on diagnosis so I don’t need to go through the whole ridiculous persisting symptoms dance – so sorry you had to deal with this though.

Not what you need at a stressful time xx

3 years ago

My medical ‘team’ could only respond to the questions asked at the time. I think you need to report all your symptoms to your nurse, doctor or consultant as they happen so they have more records! I was in denial when i was first diagnosed and refused all medication! Once i accepted the medication, there was more to go on.

3 years ago

Insurance company’s are quick to take your money but will try anything to get out of paying out. Don’t take no for an answer. It was so expensive when I got a mortgage I didn’t bother. If you could see into the future??? Good luck hope you get lots of help, cos less stress the better.

3 years ago

OK, if the policy is supposed to pay out for MS, you get a MS diagnosis and you have answered all their questions truthfully i.e. disclosed everything – then they should not have a problem paying out but check the terms & conditions of the policy carefully 🙂
Sonia x

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