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1 year ago

Even long before MS I had a urine infection which symptoms included being completely off my trolly & seeing stuff that wasn’t there
So I don’t see why not, trigger a relapse

1 year ago

I was told by my nurse that a urine infection can trigger a flare up of old symptoms. In which case it might not be a relapse as such.

1 year ago

Any infection is capable of causing a “pseudo exacerbation”. This is a temporary worsening of your MS symptoms, which should settle down again once the infection in resolved/treated.

1 year ago

My Ms nurse says yes!

1 year ago

Urine infections are a particular problem and should be avoided as far as possible. If you feel they are causing problems, then they probably are.

Drink enough but not too much, take real care with hygiene, eat a healthy (OMS) diet and avoid sugar in particular. Its also worth minimising the use of antibiotics and ideally only take them after you know the urine culture results. (Often they are negative, suggesting antibiotics are not needed) Repeated use of antibiotics can lead to resistance and then treatment becomes more difficult.

If you have recurrent urine infections it is important to find out why this is happening, so an appointment with your GP to discuss this would be a good idea. Make sure you don’t have diabetes as bacteria love sugary urine. Are your urinary symptoms a manifestation of MS?? This might be worth exploring too.

All the best


1 year ago

yesss watch Dr. Chataway videos he explains there

1 year ago

Thankyou everyone for your responses , it’s only in the last year that iv experienced these infections.
I can possibly guess why they may be happening , which means I’m pretty stuck & not able to fix the underlying cause presently.
I understand that we can be prone to urine infections .
over last 2 yrs , any minor illness definitely seems to have triggered realapse state in me …

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