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Could my son have MS?

I have been recently diagnosed with MS that I have probably been harboring for years. But I’m in a difficult situation where my son, who is 25, had meningitis twice as a young boy. He changed mentally and emotionally after that. My concern is that he is so tired and listless and won’t get out to get a job. He falls all the time as he walks up the stairs, is quite clumsy and drops a lot of things, (my new I phone is the latest victim). He has super high anxiety and I can’t handle his moods. He lives at home because he can’t keep a job. He calls in sick often. Could it be possible he too has MS? There is lots in my family. Just a thought. Any thought? Help from the frustrated mom in Didsbury.

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6 years ago

Does he complain of any other weird symptoms?

If your worried then it may be a good idea to get him checked out. They aren’t certain that MS is hereditary or not. Could be that he may have it or it could be that he may just be a clumsy individual.

6 years ago

Has he had all of these symptoms since he had meningitis? Or are the problems getting worse? I have heard autoimmune diseases run in families, my mom has lupus and I have ms, same goes for a good friend of mine who has ms, his mother has lupus as well. That doesn’t mean that your son will have an autoimmune disease because you do though. Take him in and have him checked, couldn’t hurt.

Get him checked out just in case. Like chueykooh i am worried that these autoimmune diseases do sometimes run in families. I have MS and my dad has ulcerative collitis. I do worry about my sons future occasionally. He’s only 7 now and fighting fit but you never know what the future holds. It’d be nice if they discovered a definative answer!

6 years ago

When all is said and done, WE here cannot diagnose. He should see a dr. The tired and listless, being clumsy? could even be a thyroid deficiency, easily sorted thru a blood test and treated by tablets, for instance.
They do say MS is NOT inherited. But the menigitis trust may have some answers. My partner had menegitis and he could prob answer a few questions. But first stop, the drs. If only to calm your fears.

6 years ago

They do not know what causes MS so there is no way for them to know weather it is inherited or not, if its caused by a gene or a defective gene it would obviously have the potential to be passed down from generation to generation. His symptoms may be from an underlying disease or it may just be who he is and not have anything to do with an undiagnosed medical condition. As reddivine said, we here cannot diagnose, a doctor needs to determine if your son has a medical condition or not. I agree you should take him to get checked, it might be that he does have something that can be easily treated.

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