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Coping with itchiness

Does anyone else’s get really itchy when they go to bed ?? If anyone does, how do you cope with it ? It’s driving me insane as I can’t sleep because I’m so itchy!! 😣

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8 months ago

I get the itching I got a prescription Phenergan 25mg it really helps within 45mins

8 months ago

What medication are taking? I take Tecifedra & if I take it too late it make me itchy so now I take it around 7p so it can do it’s thang & I can sleep.

8 months ago

I take lemtrada

8 months ago

@lukrug , it’s the absence of distractions when you’re lying in bed trying to sleep.

It’s itching through the day too, but you have other things going on, so it doesn’t bother you so much.

Have a word with your MS Nurse to arrange something to help with this.

8 months ago

I am also a victim of the “itch that comes out of nowhere and won’t go away”. Until recently I wasn’t really aware of it – I had noticed scabs and scratch marks all over my legs before but just put it down to dry skin – but I recently spoke to someone who also has this issue with their MS. Apparently it comes under the “altered sensations” umbrella and so it’s probably best to contact your MS Nurse to see if there’s anything that can alleviate the itch – as @stumbler has said.

Personally, I cut my nails extremely short (often multiple times in a week) and I will be using cream from now on in the hope that it will cool the burning itch for a while. I will be calling my MS Nurse about it, but I might give it a week or so because I bugged them enough last week (lol?) >.<

8 months ago

I have suffered for years with itchibg in bed its so annoying

8 months ago

I’ve spoken to my dr and ms nurse about it ages ago as I’ve got permanent scars on my legs from hsving itchy legs and I’ve tried taking antihistamines and they didn’t do anything. @zenkai did you get it prescribed By your gp or dr

8 months ago

I was having the itch problem daily but have found that when I have an evening shower, I need to cool the temperature before I get out to basically cold and then I don’t itch, it takes a bit of getting used to but also helps my body sleep I think.

8 months ago

I have a sunburn itchiness problem at the moment, I used Google (I know first thing that came up was cancer). dug a little deeper and found something called hells itch, similar principals to itchiness cause from neurological issues because it’s an itch you just can’t scratch.

I found the best thing to do was for it is try to ignore it as best you can and don’t even acknowledge that it is happening now this worked for me, and it’s a temporary fix. yet to find a permanent solution for my issue.

all the best


7 months ago

@lukrug I got it prescribed by my nurologist, but im sure a gp will prescribe it if you give them the name of the medicine and the reason ☺ good luck

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