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Copaxone trick to avoid side effects

Hi! I’m new here so just testing the water with this post. At the same time, I was wondering if anyone had experienced reactions post injection of Copaxone (chest heaviness, difficulty breathing, back pain and heavy sweats followed by uncontrollable shakes).

If you do, well, I noticed that after a simple change in my routine, I never experienced any of the above ever again. And it’s been almost a year now.

What I did was changing my injection schedule from early morning before breakfast to late night after diner, prior to bed. For some reason, I never experienced the side effects ever again. I started to believe that having food in my system is the key but there’s no evidence to prove it out of any doubt.

Anyways, if you’re experiencing side effects with Copaxone, you might try this. And if you do, I’d be curious to know if it works for you as well as it does for me.


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2 years ago

Hi @curiousmind and welcome.

Thanks for your suggestions on this.

I know the Betaferon injectables were best taken in the evening, so that you slept through any side effects.

Let’s hope your experiences can help some other members.

1 year ago

I am on my second month of Copaxone. I have noticed that I have less of the burning sensation after injection if I let the medicine warm to room temp beforehand, inject VERY slowly, and then don’t move for about 5 minutes after finishing the injection.

last night, after going to bed, I think I experienced some of the chest heaviness. It felt more like heartburn and I burped a lot for about 30 minutes. It didn’t start until I laid down to go to sleep and that was about 30 minutes after I took the injection. That was weird.

I take it at night on Mon, Wed, Fri.

1 year ago

I’m on copaxone 20mg (daily) and have been since 2005. The most important thing that happened was losing my autoject pen. Honestly. Learn to do manually and you’ll never go back. You can find the bits that hurt less, you can really get to know your body, you can go as slow or as fast as you need. I go in at a 45 degree angle because the copaxone need to stay in the surface fat, not go into the bits below… make sure where you’re injecting is nice and floppy, pinch up a lump of skin and try with the needle. If it hurts, try somewhere just next to it – eventually your pain nerve-endings will calm down and you can do it. It takes getting used to but once you go there, you won’t want to use the pen.

If you smoke – try to stop – I found the breathing issues went away when I stopped smoking, about a year after I started on copaxone.

1 year ago

I’m on copaxone three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning. I am lucky that I have never experienced any major side effects apart from reactions at the injection site (itching, bumps, redness). But there are two things that I find difficult that maybe you guys could help me out with.
Firstly I really really hate injecting in my legs. I think that I’ve less fat in the tops of my thighs so the copaxone doesn’t have space to go. I can end up with a really large bump that is pretty painful, hot and raised. It puts me off wanting to do my injection when it comes to a leg day because I don’t know if I am going to have that reaction or not. I end up either skipping that site and injecting in my stomach which I don’t want to do all the time or I end up skipping that day altogether which is even worse.
Secondly I find it difficult to map exactly where on my legs to inject. The nurse has shown me but she always measures the map thingy off the corner of her jeans which is of no use when you actually have to inject because I’m clearly not wearing jeans?!
So my question to you guys are: Any tips on injecting into my legs? Any tips on how to map out injection sites on my legs?

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@stumbler thanks a million I haven’t seen this before!

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