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Copaone, work and life

Hi there,
On monday i started my copaxone treatment which has hit me quite hard as its made me realise that everything is quite real.
I took an injection yesterday and feel quite tired and sick and sore from injecting. I was just wondering what i should do the day after an injection? Should i be taking it easy until i get used to it or just carry on as normal?
Im still working and the job is quite tiring and im on my feet from 11am-8pm and when im working i dont really let people know when im struggling as i dont want them thinking that im not working hard, so i dont really know how to go about not working hard if that makes sense so any advice on work would be appreciated. I must note though my work have been very supportive and cut down my hours and given me lots of options if i feel like i cant do my full shift but i dont want too be seen as taking advantage.
Im struggling emotionally and just drained from everything as its been a lot to take in.
As i said any advice, help or just a friendly hello would be great.

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10 months ago

@asht1994 , Copaxone has always been known as the Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT), with minimal side-effects. Your first shot would have been an emotional experience, for the reasons you mention.

Rather than changing your life to suit your DMT, it may be preferred to make slight alterations to your DMT to fit in with your life. By this, I mean experimenting with what time of day that you take the shot, so that it doesn’t interfere with anything, e.g. taking it at night, so that you can sleep after.

Similarly, I wouldn’t make any changes at work, until you have a need. If you have recovered from the relapse that led to your diagnosis, you may find that life can resume as before. You do need to become accustomed to the new you.

MS is an unpredictable condition. But, you now have the Copaxone, to help reduce the frequency and severity of any future relapses. And, if you avoid some of the MS triggers, e.g. stress, you may be able to remain relapse-free, possibly for many years.

So, baby-steps and one day at a time to start. Try not to worry about the future and concentrate on living in the present. 😉

10 months ago

II have no personal experience of Copaxone as I was on Beta Inferon for 23years but it was also injectable, and at first it was a pain in the butt! But things soon got better, and I soon learnt to inject at 9.00 pm so when the side effects hit ( 2 hours later) I wen’t to bed. Even found I could move it by 24 hours to accommodate something special on injection night, the formulation changed over the years and it finally became 2 weekly with a marvellous delivery system but all that has recently changed cos I’ve just gone on Tecfidera a few weeks ago.

It’s great that your employer is being supportive, so it’s nice to know that if in the future you have to make changes you can, but as Stumbler says concentrate on living on living in the present😍

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