samanthastyle 25/03/17
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Copaxone pain

Hey all!

I was on copaxone 20mg for about 6 months and now onto the 40mg.

Twice now, including last night – I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a feeling of FIRE where my injection site is. (Injection done on Tuesday. So a few days have passed at this point)

It felt like a burning fire pain… so much it woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Anyone have anything similar to this? I just find it strange since it’s been like 4 days since I did the actual injection!


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11 months ago

apparently auto correct hates me and i dont know how to edit this forum title lol

11 months ago

@samanthastyle , title amended for you. 😉

11 months ago

That’s odd however I also noticed less reaction on 20mg daily

10 months ago

@stumbler lol thank you!

@robertsince088 Yes, I’ve noticed that the 40mg does indeed sting a bit more going in, and maybe a little more itchy right after but other wise I find it pretty similar. The bumps/redness is generally the same as the 20mg for me… its just this weirdo fire pain at night i’ve experienced. lol. I eventually get back to sleep and once I wake up it’s like nothing ever happend haha. No pain, no redness no nothing! (Aside from the classic bump I get for a week or two lol)

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