4 years ago
Cookies, the 'cure' for depression

I hate to throw around work like ‘cure’ when it comes to serious subjects, but I feel a lot better about myself now after my binge 🙂

I just hope I’ve not overdosed on chocolate chips…

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Send some my way! YUM 🙂

I fancy scones with jam and cream right now. X yummiest of yummy. X

I would imagine chocolate is the ACTUAL cure for depression. The cookies were just a nice little package it came in 😉


Hmm. Yeah, I get that. It only seems to last whilst the food lasts, but hey, as long as you’ve got a lot of food…

i do know that my stodgy sugary intake has increased… sugary cake… danish pastries/chelsea buns/doghnuts/yum yums… im not interested in biscuits… just sugary stodge… [i have been dreaming of a family bag of revels today so there goes the chocolate theory lol] xx

Just to reassure you Gav, I don’t think it’s possibly to overdose on chocolate chips.

My current chocolate ‘vehicle’ are mini eggs – cant resist them!

Double edged sword this! Cold weather, one thinks “lets have a cuppa….and a cookie..”, then wowser, I’ve gained a few lbs and THATS make me depressed…..

@reddivine I know I’m going to put a lb or two on and i don’t care 😉

Ag but yr a BLOKE and we wimmen are allowed to TRY and improve ourselves. Mind you, every lb you gain is another lb to self propel in da wheelchair! There is a cunning plan to my attempt to lose weight……(evil laugh)

when Im fed up I seem to have a craving for gorgeous juicy garlic bread and parmesan on EVRYTHING!

I like food period… so… at the moment, I’m munching on my leftover stew from last night. It’s even better than it was then, and I am content.

Mmmmmmm. Coooooooookies. Potato Scones always cheer me up 🙂

Mmm, potato scones…*drools* 😉

Cookies are my favorite as well. Just ordered 10 boxes of girl scout Thin mints! I will have to hide them 🙂

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