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Confused,waiting for MRI scan….ms?

Hi, I’ve recently had 2 bouts of eye pain, one lasting a couple of days then a couple of weeks later it started again and has lasted nearly 3 weeks. I went to the opticians and she suggested an MRI scan to rule out optical neuritis. I had no idea what this was until I researched it. What’s worrying me is that I’ve been having bladder problems the last 6 months for which I am just about to get investigated. The consultant thinks I have nerve damage. Im also experiencing excruciating pain in both feet which I got diagnosed as plantar fasciitus. I feel constantly tired, I have problems swallowing sometimes and find it difficult to make the simplest decision. All this is saying to me MS but I’m so confused, would appreciate some advice.

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1 year ago

Hi @jenb1970 and welcome.

The first thing you need to do is sit down and breath. All the anxiety and stress that you’re causing yourself is potentially making the whole situation worse.

You mention a consultant, so can I assume that you’ve been referred to a Neurologist? Have they had a report from your optician?

Optical Neuritis, bladder problems, fatigue, cognition, swallowing and sensory problems are all symptoms of MS. But, they are also symptoms of various other conditions too.

So, leave Dr Google alone, calm down, be patient and get on with your life. The Consultant will get to the bottom of this and then you can consider how you best manage the future.

1 year ago

Hi @jenb1970

Yes, you do do need to take a deep breath…but it is a scary place to be (we’ve been there and time helps uus to forget how frightening it was at first, as it is now an everyday thing for us), so be kind to yourself. If you work outside of the home have a talk with your GP about taking some time off work (if you feel this would not jeopardise your job).

If you are diagnosed, get on to this site again, insist on seeing an MS nurse, ask about an MS support group etc. Most of all, ask questions, write them down before you see the MS nurse or type them up here. Get to meet others around your own age with MS. Others with MS can be a real source of help, particularly as others will say how great you look etc., trying to jolly you along (they are trying to be kind, it will just seem to you like they don’t understand at all).

It is the hardest advice to take i.e. chill out, when your whole life and the plans you had for it might be changing, but it is the best advice you can have for now…try to sleep well, eat well etc. I was in dire straits, thought I was dying I felt so bad, but it did get better i.e. not so bad (no, I’m not running marathons or climbing Mount Everest(!) but it is do-able).

Take care, lucyh xx

1 year ago

PS reply to these posts if you want to…or make a totally new post…the Shift MS gang are very supportive.

1 year ago

Hi, many thanks for all the advice I’ve received, it’s good to know there’s support out there. Just to clarify I haven’t been referred to a neurologist as yet, I’m having an MR I next Tuesday to determine the cause of the pain in my eye, I should have had a camera in the bladder today to see for nerve damage but it got cancelled at the last hour.

I am getting on with life, it’s difficult as in constant pain in my feet and legs, amongst other things. I’ve always been relatively fit and healthy so this sudden bout of illness is getting me down .

Thanks again for the support.

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